Everything about cannabis seeds in one place. Cannabis genetics have changed drastically in the last decade. The home grower now has a wider and perhaps more confusing selection of cannabis seeds than ever before. We will explain all the differences between seeds and how to navigate the wide selection of cannabis seeds. The differences between autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds are not as complicated as they may seem to a novice. We'll explain everything you need to know about how auto and fem seeds grow, the pros and cons of each, and how you can choose the right type of cannabis seed for your grow.

Feminized cannabis seeds or regular cannabis seeds?

Regular seeds will produce male and female plants in roughly equal numbers. These are the cannabis seeds of choice for old school growers who prefer the process of identifying and separating the males from the females. Currently, regular cannabis seeds make up only 2-3% of seed sales.

They are usually used by those who breed cannabis plants or produce cannabis seeds. Remember that the grower can easily take cuttings from plants grown from feminized seeds or regular seeds. However, taking cuttings from autoflowering plants is not so easy because the plant has a fixed life cycle.

Since its creation, feminized seeds have become the most popular way to grow cannabis because most growers don't want to use up their space, nutrients and electricity to grow unwanted male plants. Because of this, regular cannabis seeds have become less popular over the years. Many seedbanks now don't even offer any regular seeds and only sell feminized seeds. There are no differences in quality or potency between feminized and regular seeds.

Feminized photoperiod seeds or autoflowering seeds?

Two main categories currently dominate the cannabis seed market. Photoperiod feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds grow from seed to harvest in approximately 10-11 weeks regardless of light cycle. Some autoflowering seeds can be grown under 24-hour light from seed to harvest. Feminized photoperiod seeds must be forced to flower by reducing the light to 12/12 (equinox). This means they need 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness to flower and the flowering process usually takes about 7-10 weeks. You can expect a high level of potency from quality seeds, whether they are autoflowering seeds or traditional feminized seeds. Nowadays, most autoflowering seeds are usually also feminized.

Indoor cannabis seeds or outdoor cannabis seeds?

In many countries, especially those with cold climates, people prefer to grow cannabis indoors. This is an easy way to grow cannabis under controlled conditions. Growers in warm countries often prefer to grow cannabis outdoors, on the terrace, in the garden or in nature. Outdoor seeds are specially bred for outdoor environments, where resistance and speed of flowering are important.

THC-Rich or CBD-Rich Hemp Seeds?

Most cannabis varieties are rich in THC, THC gives the psychoactive high that is so popular with recreational and medical cannabis users (in states where this use is legal). THC provides a pleasurable experience but also provides valuable medical benefits. In recent years, new varieties have been created that are also rich in CBD. CBD is especially valued by medical growers, who have found that it can be helpful for the symptoms of some diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, and some chronic pain. CBD-rich strains can offer a smoother, more pleasurable high, sometimes with a less intense psychoactive effect and improved sedation. CBD-rich strains also tend to have higher levels of some other minor cannabinoids, such as THCV, CBG, etc. For many home growers, the broader the spectrum of cannabinoids, the better the final smoke/vape.

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