As such, CBD and medical cannabis offer a number of benefits to our four-legged pets as well. The cannabinoids contained can help them achieve the desired relief and well-being, just as well as us. You can read about the potential of CBD for animals in many professional studies. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive active compound from the medicinal cannabis plant. Thanks to the interaction with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it can contribute to a better physical and psychological state. Similar to humans, no negative side effects of cannabidiol have been shown in animals.

Hemp products intended for animals are enriched with other ingredients that benefit the skin, coat quality and claws, for example. The difference is in the nose oil, i.e. the base oil in which cannabidiol is dissolved. CBD oils for animals are usually based on salmon oil, which contains a number of beneficial essential fatty acids. The aforementioned oils are available, but also various treats and biscuits. These treats are enriched not only with CBD, but often also with hemp fiber, which has a beneficial effect on animal digestion.

Give your faithful pets great care and the best of nature thanks to the whole range of hemp products that you can find in our offer. You can learn about how CBD can help animals in our articles.