CBD hemp caspels present one of the alternatives to CBD oils. The form of hemp drops or sprays may not suit everyone. This is often because of the way cannabidiol is administered. Hemp capsules are an ideal alternative for anyone who likes CBD but would like to use it anywhere, without worry and most importantly discreetly. It is a practical, simple and effective way to use CBD.

The main advantage of CBD hemp capsules is their predetermined dose. Thus, you will find the exact amount of CBD in one capsule each time you use it. You are thus in full control of the dosage. You don't have to worry about whether you have injected the right number of drops. Moreover, the capsules will also be appreciated by people who are not too comfortable with the herbal aroma of CBD oils. Hemp capsules contain only natural ingredients. You won't find artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in them. Cannapio CBD capsules are suitable for vegans.

Choose from a wide range of hemp full-spectrum CBD capsules from several premium brands.