CBD flowers, otherwise known as CBD herbs, are a legal form of cannabis. The active ingredient is the legal cannabinoid CBD. Depending on the variety chosen, the cannabinoid profile and terpene content also vary. Cannabidiol is often complemented by CBG, CBC or CBN. The flavour and aroma are formed by substances called terpenes, which are essentially essential fragrance oils. The THC content of Cannapio flowers is negligible and respects the legal limit of a maximum THC content of up to 1 %. As a result, the herb does not have psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects.

CBD cannabis flowers are considered as raw material for further processing. They are often added to natural hemp cosmetics. They are also an important raw material for the production of hemp ointments for joints and muscles. A number of studies and researches have investigated their potential.

Each variety of Cannapio flower is subject to very strict quality requirements. Their properties, the amount of cannabinoids and their effectiveness are tested. Cannapio flowers are certified and tested by independent laboratories.

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A gift for men with CBDA gift for men with CBD

A gift for men with CBD

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Are you still thinking about a gift for your dear half, brother or friend? If they are CBD lovers, we have invented and even wrapped the…