We offer high quality CBD oils and extracts with CBD concentrations that are extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Our products contain the organic phytocannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol), which is known for its positive effects and is one of the most common substances in cannabis. Our extracts have a 100% natural composition and are produced using a gentle extraction method that preserves all the important active ingredients such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and more. Our range includes a wide variety of products, including CBD oils and tinctures, which come with a handy dispenser for convenient and accurate dosing. We use hemp oil or MCT oil derived from organic coconut oil as our carrier medium.

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CBD subscriptionCBD subscription

CBD subscription

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Tired of constantly thinking about buying more CBD oil? We offer you the option of a CBD subscription!

Meet our Cannapio Affiliate Program!

Meet our Cannapio Affiliate Program!

Today's article will give you some basic information and details about how our affiliate program works. What can you gain from it and what can you offer your clients? We will tell you in the following lines...