Cheese and Blue Cheese are two cannabis genetics that have the word "cheese" in their name but have some differences in characteristics and taste. Cheese is a variety that is characterised by an intense, raw, cheese-like aroma. It is known for its indica-dominant effects, which can include physical relaxation and euphoria of the mind. The Cheese plant is usually medium in height and medium in flower length. Blue Cheese is a hybrid variety that combines sativa and indica characteristics. It has a sweet and fruity taste with subtle notes of cheese. This variety offers a balanced experience that includes relaxation of the body and mild euphoria. The Blue Cheese plant is usually of medium height and has a medium length flower. Both of these varieties have their followers and are suitable for different preferences. Cheese is suitable for those seeking physical relaxation and euphoria, while Blue Cheese offers a balanced experience that combines relaxation and mild euphoria with a hint of cheesy flavour. Each of these varieties has specific characteristics that may appeal to different users. The cultivation of some varieties of cannabis may be restricted by legislation.

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Blue Cheese - fem. and 5ks Royal Queen SeedsBlue Cheese - fem. and 5ks Royal Queen Seeds

Blue Cheese - fem. and 5ks Royal Queen Seeds

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Blue Cheese automatic is a hybrid of the Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic, which has been refined for five years of crossing and…