Type: hybrid

Chemdawg belongs to the group of hybrid cannabis species. It is a member of the group of hempgrasses that has been developed through the crossbreeding of different models and its genetic lineage includes, for example, Nepalese and Thai species.

Chemdawg is an indica-dominant species, although the sativa/indica ratio is usually balanced (55 % indica, 45 % sativa). Chemdawg is characterised by its pungent diesel aroma with light earthy undertones.

Effects and properties of Chemdawg

Chemdawg is suitable for a wide range of users thanks to its balanced sativa and indica components.

It evokes feelings of joy, euphoria, upliftment and promotes creativity. It relieves and tension and helps in the treatment of .

For some users, Chemdawg may help with pain, insomnia or nausea. It also promotes appetite, so it is useful for problems with .

Negative properties

Aridity of the mouth and eyes. Occasionally anxiety or paranoia.