Thefamous sativa, which can also be found under the name Colombian Gold. It had its greatest fame in the late 60s and 70s in America, when it became very rare and many experts believe that the original seeds or copies of the original no longer exist. The THC content is between 14 and 20%.

Colombian strongly affects the brain, leading to an awakening of creativity. However, unlike other varieties, it does not cause paranoia or drowsiness. On the contrary, it provides an enormous burst of energy.

Therapeutic effects

Due to its wide range of uses, Colombian can also be suitable for treating certain health problems such as attention deficit disorder, depression or stress-related problems. In addition, it can help to alleviate long-term and everyday problems such as upset stomachs and headaches.

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Original Skunk 1 - regular seeds 10 pcs SeedsmanOriginal Skunk 1 - regular seeds 10 pcs Seedsman

Original Skunk 1 - regular seeds 10 pcs Seedsman

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Genotype sativa
Genetics Afghani, Colombian, Acapulco
Original Skunk 1 was the first true stabilized hybrid to enter Dutch cannabis greenhouses. It was originally created by Sacred Seeds in the…