Hemp cosmetics offer solutions for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and atopic skin. It has very good moisturizing abilities and softens the skin in depth. Hemp cosmetics stand out for their pure composition with natural ingredients. In addition, some types of cosmetic products are enriched with the active ingredient CBD. This substance is classified as a phytocannabinoid - an organic substance from hemp. CBD hemp cosmetics are especially appreciated in case of sensitive and irritated skin. According to many studies, CBD has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, which can help soothe eczema, sun irritation and other skin problems.

We offer a wide range of products for a variety of uses. You can choose from skin and body care products. From skin creams, serums and oils to body lotions, hemp shampoos and hemp ointments to lip balms and natural hemp deodorants.

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CBD shampoo - Green Earth

CBD shampoo - Green Earth

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Thanks to this shampoo containing cannabidiol CBD, your hair will receive intensive care and regeneration. The shampoo is suitable for all…