Species: Cannabis indica

Critical Mass is an indica-dominant cannabis strain (about 80% indica, 20% sativa).

It is a cross between Afghani and Skunk no. 1. The strain gets its name (in the proposal, 'critical mass' could be used) from its very dense, firm and heavy flowers, under which the twigs of the plant can break. Critical Mass is quite susceptible to mould, so a less humid, indoor environment is recommended. Critical Mass has a sweet aroma with earthy and citrus undertones.

Effects and properties of Critical Mass

Critical Mass is most commonly used by users for calming, pain relief and insomnia problems . It has an intense calming effect, so it is more suitable for evening use, when relaxation or relief from stress and tension is experienced. Critical Mass also helps with nausea or eating problems. For some users it works very wellfor migraines.

Negative properties

Aridity. In some cases, dizziness, paranoia or restlessness.

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