Afghani marijuana seeds

Afghani is an absolute classic among Indian hemp varieties which are in the western world thanks to breeders get passengers to the east during the Sixties hippie years.
Model Afghani also provide a genetic basis for a variety of popular modern models and its "footprint" and can be found both in the latest models of Indica and various hybrids.
The most famous models due to genetics Afghani saw the light as the Northern Lights and Blueberry.
Originally Afghani popularity began to enjoy because of simple maintenance, small size and high-above-average number of trichomes.
cannabinoids THC in mature flowers of plants Afghani around 15-20%, the content of CBD is typically about 0.6%.
Medical marijuana Afghani
As the medical genetics Afghani cannabis indica hundred percent, this is one of the most popular models among patients searching for relief from:

- Insomnia
< br /> - Anxious

- Depression

- Nausea


- Chronic pain
infrequent adverse effects include dry mouth. The negative effects of cannabis with a high THC content, however, can be reduced by selecting the correct dosage and tolerance control of the patient.

Afghani marijuana seeds

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