Durban Poison marijuana seeds

South African all-powerful genetics, which boasts one hundred percent Sativa strain. Another pride this handsome
THC content, which is very high as it reaches up to 25%.
assumed name after South Africas second-largest city.

This variety offers a wave of creativity and concentration and help you "drawn out" between foreign

From a medical standpoint, Durban Poison focuses more on influencing the brain, thus helping
people suffering from depression, anxiety or PTSD. Moreover, it is also advantageous for people with disabilities
attention, since it increases concentration. It works well even on pain relief, nausea and increases

Because of its powerful effects has some unwanted side effects that can be quite rough.
The individual may feel slightly distracted, which may fail tremendous fear of everything around
and paranoid thoughts. It can also occur situation when an individual is behaving completely out and not know what was happening.

Durban Poison marijuana seeds

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