Ruderalis marijuana seeds

In the world there are three major cannabis genetics. Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Cannabis Ruderalis is not fundamentally different from the first two.

In nature, this variety grows in places that are too hostile for other plants and varieties of cannabis. We can be found for example in Russia, Central Europe and Central Asia.

Life in these harsh conditions made the Ruderalis resistant variety that can survive the cold, nutrient deficiencies and weak sunshine. Its seeds are also very durable. Can they survive the rupture and are able to wait a whole year in the frozen ground for better conditions.

Ruderalis most important quality is that blooming regardless of the photoperiod. It is said to be "autoflowering". Photoperiod is meant hours of light and darkness needed to start May regime plants.

Cannabis indica and Cannabis Sativa naturally adapt to the seasons. Ruderalis but adapts his own age. Bloom usually occurs between 5 to 7 weeks of growth.

The short summers and harsh conditions also forced Ruderalis complete the entire life cycle in just 10 to 14 weeks.

All these hard-won qualities, however, are not free. Cannabis Ruderalis is much smaller and weaker than the other species.

It grows to an average height of only around 30-80 cm, and its flowers are very small, but tough. They have a relatively high content of CBD, but the THC content is almost zero.

Autoflowering Ruderalis properties but perfectly applied to cannabis market. Nowadays, there are countless hybrids autoflowerings cannabis that combines fast blooming Ruderalis properties with strength and potency varieties of Sativa and Indica

These autoflowering hybrids are now part of a very staunch cannabis culture and it is almost inconceivable that it was otherwise.

Ruderalis marijuana seeds

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