Even today, cannabis cultivation can be controversial. Despite the many positives of the plant, it continues to be viewed through the fingers. However, the process of growing cannabis is a plant cultivation like any other. Moreover, there are now fully legal and approved varieties of cannabis that can be grown almost without restriction and in accordance with the law. 

It is these legal varieties of cannabis and their cultivation that the following articles concern. You will find tips on how to care for these CBD cannabis varieties, how to deal with pest infestations and how to fertilise the cannabis plants or harvest the flowers properly. Beyond that, however, you will also learn many interesting facts about the world of cannabis. Up-to-date, comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on cannabis legislation in the Czech Republic and related laws.

Please note that the cultivation of cannabis for the purpose of obtaining marijuana is prohibited by the legislation of the Czech Republic. Varieties with a THC content above 1 % may only be cultivated by special certified institutions for medical or research purposes. It is therefore legal to grow so-called 'technical cannabis', CBD varieties or special approved legal varieties with THC up to a maximum of 1 %, but only for personal use and provided all conditions are met.

ATTENTION: The cultivation of cannabis has its own clear rules which are linked to legislative standards and laws. These must be strictly observed and respected! Any manipulation of cannabis with a THC content above the legal limit of 1% is illegal in the Czech Republic and is an offence or a criminal offence.