Dwarf - autoflowering cannabis variety

Dwarf is a medical cannabis hybrid that is famous for its specific effects as well as its interesting plant structure. The true genetics of the Dwarf autoflowering strain are rooted in the unique combination of Skunk and Easy Bud.

Dwarf is a cannabis plant that earned its name at the first sight of a mature plant. Typically a very small and dense plant, Dwarf is commonly favoured by gardeners who prefer smaller and cuter plants.

Dwarf model cannabis - terpenes

The terpene spectrum of mature Dwarf model flowers is clearly inherited from the genetic ancestors of Skunk. Dwarf's strongly spicy and earthy herbal aroma suggests a terpene content of caryophyllene and humulene, both of which have specific medicinal properties. However, fruit terpenes such as myrcene and floral linalool are also found in the ripe flowers of Dwarf.

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Royal Dwarf - fem. And 10K Royal Queen SeedsRoyal Dwarf - fem. And 10K Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Dwarf - fem. And 10K Royal Queen Seeds

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Version feminized
Genotype indica
Genetics Ruderalis, Skunk n.1
The genetic background of this strain is similar to the strain of Easy Bud, which was designed to gain a new self-sacrificing, feminized…