Early Pearl belongs to the "Early" family of Sensi Seeds (other members are Early Skunk and Early Girl) and was specially bred in the 1980s. Its genetic make-up is top secret, as it has never been made public by the producer, so we can only speculate how and why it came to be. But at least we know what the THC content can be, which is between 15 and 24%.

The most common effects of Early Pearl are creativity, ability to concentrate and relaxation. Due to the strong urge to concentrate, individuals can find even quite normal and uninteresting things extremely attractive and remarkable.

The therapeutic effects

Due to the fact that Early Pearl abounds in the ability to help with concentration, so it is suitable for people with attention disorders. In addition, it can somewhat channel and helps with depression. If we focus purely on the benefits from a physical point of view, Early Pearl reduces headaches and helps with digestive problems as it is anti-inflammatory.

Negative effects

There have been no critical side effects reported, but it has been shown that Early Pearl should be avoided by people who are prone to panic attacks and paranoia.

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Early Queen - Standardized Seeds 18 pcs Mr. NiceEarly Queen - Standardized Seeds 18 pcs Mr. Nice

Early Queen - Standardized Seeds 18 pcs Mr. Nice

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50,80 €
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Genotype indica
Genetics Super Skunk, Californian, Early Pearl, Mexican
It is a variety with quick flowering indoor/outdoor and is therefore ideal for cold climatic conditions in the northern hemisphere.