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Medical marijuana seeds and products

Cannabis comes from the Cannabaceae family and is divided into 4 basic taxomes. All cannabis taxomes originated from Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is an important industrial plant that has found application in a number of specific fields such as industry, medicine or as a popular relaxant. For this purpose, the most widely used are Cannabis Sativa and Indica.


Types of marijuana
Cannabis Sativa - This type of marijuana reaches a significant height, up to 5m. It creates narrow toothed leaves and the flowers are disordered. Sativa is more commonly used to produce marijuana. It contains a higher content of Canabioid THC, but produces less CBN and CBD. The effects of using Sativa are uplifting to euphoric often accompanied by laughter attacks. Marijuana of this kind generally stimulates and encourages to think. It offers considerable emotional encouragement and encourages overall.

Cannabis Indica - Cannabis of this species reaches a smaller size, maximum 2 meters. But for its height and overall dimensions it offers higher yield, higher yield. The stem is broad against hemp, as well as leaves. Indica produces less THC than Cannabis Sativa. However, it contains a higher percentage of CBN and CBD that have a soothing effect. Overall, it calms, has significant sedative and analgesic effects. Indian cannabis is mainly grown as medical marijuana and is often used to relieve pain. It has strong analgesic effects that dominate euphoric.

Cannabis seeds for collectors
How to choose the right seeds

Warning: Cannabis cultivation is prohibited by law from us! Growing cannabis with higher than negligible THC content is an offense or a criminal offense and is illegal! Cannabis Law

Cannabis Toxicology
The content of psychoactive substances varies greatly in marijuana. There are about 70 euphoric or calming substances in Marijuana. Of these, THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most watched, which has significant aforesaid effects. The THC content in marijuana is from 1 to 30%. Further, sedative CBD (Cannabidiol), CBN (Cannabiol) with high therapeutic effects and CBC (Cannabichromine), which promotes the effects of THC.

The healing effects of marijuana
Marijuana is used in a number of countries as a supportive tool for treating diseases. Cannabis is mainly used to treat skin problems such as atopic eczema, psoriasis, acne and more. Significant positive effects of marijuana have been reported in the treatment of ocular diseases, mainly glaucoma and conjunctival diseases. In addition to positive physiological effects, it has good application against mental illnesses and psyche. Furthermore, rheumatism, pain, inflammation, nausea, loss of appetite and, of course, depression.

In many countries, marijuana use is permitted, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands. In most countries, holding a small amount of marijuana is legal, but it is still an offense. More also in Infographics

Forms of use
Marijuana is most commonly used in the form of smoking. About 15 to 50% of the content of psychoactive substances from the smoke passes through the smoke through the alveoli into the blood. The effect thus comes within a few minutes and lasts approximately 45 minutes before it subsides. Trace amounts of THC can still be found in the body after 150 days. Cannabioids contained in marijuana are soluble in fats, oils and alcohol. Therefore, the second most popular way is to cook from hemp, especially milk, butter, cakes, and so on. Right behind the ointment is the consumption of cannabis seeds for high fiber content, up to 84%. Cannabis seeds have a good overall nutritional value. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins E and B. Crushing the seeds we get gluten-free flour that is gluten-free.


Sale of marijuana seeds
The sale of cannabis seeds from our shop is exclusively for collecting purposes. Quality regular, feminized and autoflower seeds are regular in shape and all are equally large. Marijuana seeds must be solid and firm. It must not crack or be damp. Hemp seeds must have a beautiful gray color and should have all very similar spots (color, shape and density). Please remember the wording of the law, grow only legal technical cannabis!