Alcohol Vs Cannabis

  • Alcohol Vs Cannabis
  • Scientists refer to cannabis as a 114x safer drug than alcohol
  • Therapeutic cannabis appears at the very last rung of drug danger

"In fact, the first introduction to cannabis meant a complete break with my long-term partner, alcohol.

Breaking my relationship with alcohol was not at all intentional at first, it was just a result of discovering something that gave me a similar type of stress relief without unnecessary side effects incomes, loss of control and hangover. While alcohol offered me escape from unwanted senses, cannabis, on the contrary, taught me to perceive and appreciate as much sensory perception and sensation. It has awakened my long-lost creativity, meaningful sociality and, moreover, made me look after my physical body better.

How is it possiblethat I met this new perfect partner now? Simply put, the social stigma kept me away from cannabis and I simply believed that alcohol is a more reasonable choice, "writes the author of " How Cannabis Can Help You Cut Back on Alcohol and Live HealthBailey Rahn at the official Leafly blog.

Cannabis Cleansing

The article also mentions the book "Coming Clean with Cannabis "which deals with the cannabis-related stigma and how this controversial natural anomaly can positively influence a persons career.

"When Ishe talked to JaneWest and Kristen Williams, the authors of this electronically-published book, became clear to me that my story was probably the story of many other people. When I finally gave a cannabis chance a few years ago, I realized how many people are totally misinformed about the effects of this plant and how much of us dont realize its potential benefits. says Kristen. I hope this book can change peoples attitudes towards this plant in a positive way, and maybe more of them live in a way that enriches and enhances their lives.

Alcohol Vs Cannabis

Few of you may be surprised by the results of the new research assessing the dangers of individual recreational drugs. Therapeutic cannabis has been placed at the top of the ranks, world wonder. What is quite striking, however, is that it is the most effective killer in the first placehuman body placed alkohol.

More precisely, researchers have evaluated therapeutic hemp as a 114x safer drug than alcohol thatIn the "High Risk" box, he appeared side by side with drugs such as heroin or cocaine. In the "middle risk" box, researchers planted drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy) and pervitin.

However, this risk-based scientific division of drugsthe noon has nothing to do with how these substances are evaluated by the governments of many of today's countries. What do you think healing cannabis deserves to stand side by side with drugs like heroin and pervitin, while alcohol is fully legal?

Nowadays, perhaps science can no longer be clearer. We have direct evidence here that cannabis is much less harmful than alcohol and other drugs. In addition, a growing stock of studies shows the healing effects of cannabis on diseases such as epilepsy , Crohn's disease, depression, pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, nausea, insomnia, cancer, sickle cell anemia and many others.

And what about you, our readers? What do you think about alcohol and cannabis and which of these two substances do you prefer? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section!

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