Cannabis Cosmetics & Marijuana Oils (Healing Hemp)

  • Cannabis Cosmetics & Marijuana Oils (Healing Hemp)
  • Cannabis oil cosmetics contain marijuana active substances
  • Cannabinoids (especially CBD) and fatty acids in cannabis for skin are, according to studies, able to act as a preventive skin protection as well as an effective remedy for certain skin diseases.
  • Cannabis oils, soaps and lotions can be applied to healthy skin

The days when the cannabis plant was spoken of only in relation to drugs and problematic youth have long since gone. Fortunately, today, more and more people are realizing that it is a healing herb especially (although the use is much more for cannabis). Using marijuana it has spread from bongs to cosmetics, ointments Oils and others preparations of all kinds/ Strong>

In terms of body care, cannabis ointments and skin care products are at the forefront of everyone who wants to take care of their skin. Therapeutic cannabis substances can be used in the form of ointments or oils to preserve the young and vital appearance of the skin, as well as to treat and soothe the symptoms of acne or eczema in a natural, gentle way.

Skin Care Using Natural, Cannabis Kosmethics

The fact that is cannabisin many cases it is able to significantly improve skin appearance or calm the symptoms of skin diseases, na great surprise for many. Therapeutic cannabis is known for its antioxidant and rejuvenating effects. In addition, substances extracted from marijuana seeds are full of healthy fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and provide thealth optimal skin hydration along with sun protection.

Thanks to endocannabinoid system skin cells can achieve a simple and effective cannabis effect.

Hemp Oil Against Skin Diseases

Studies under study confirm the enormous potential of marijuana substances, which may possibly turn the entire market for skin care products into ruins. Yet the subject of cannabis is still taboo for many. However, you do not have to look far to see if cannabis-based cosmetics are really able to help.

One of the evidence from practicee isexample Casey Calf. In 2015, Casey began to show signs of contact dermatitis (in her case due to Tea Tree oil irritation). Skin dermatitis Casey bothered for two weeks before she finally decided to visit a doctor - who, of course, prescribed a steroid and antifungal ointment. While steroid and antifungal ointments were successful at the beginning, dermatitis finally won - after a few weeks, it returned with even stronger symptoms.

After returning to the skin, Casey was prescribed a completely different ointment, and Casey went with a warning against the frequent use of steroid ointments and possible scarring of the skin as a side effect. The failure of treatment and the possible risks of Casey have thwarted and began to search for new information on the Internet. Wonder, new prescription ointment will not cure dermatitis users - it only reduces symptoms.

Finally, Casey decided to try a natural CBD oil mixed with her own high quality coconut oil. The oil was applied after a hot bath and proper opening of the skin pores.

"Casey has been writing down the results of her efforts since day one. After just seven days of her own treatment with cannabis CBD oil applied after the bath, all the symptoms of skin dermatitis disappeared."

Nine months after the experiment, during 2015, Casey decided to publish her notes and test results. In addition, he informs about his condition for years afterwards:

"Since the first 7 days of CBD treatment have passed, my face has cleared and dermatitis hasshe simply didnt return. Unlike the ointments prescribed to me by the doctor, CBD therapy was totally simple and above all effective.

With stories like this and more and more recent studies, CBD oils and marijuana ointments are turning to more and more people.

Hemp Cosmetics on the mature market

The case of cannabis skin dermatitis is just one example of how marijuana can be used for skin problems. Studiesconfirmed positive results in the treatment of scabies other again everything from eczema to acne.

Today, drugstore and pharmacy offerings are tremendously packed with everything from steroid ointments to a variety of herbal mixes. Of course, someone will help these products, whether for short or long periods, but someone who is looking for something effective for their skin problems seems seemingly forever.

Understanding the Endocannabinoid Systemthe body and, together with it, the symbiotic effect of substances from the conDrunk in our skin, along with every other study, suggests that substances such as THC or CBD in oils and ointments can have both preventive and curative effects for our skin.

Mezi nThe most interesting products for healthy skin containing cannabis include:

1. Hemp Lotion

Cannabis skin lotion can be used in many ways. It is able to actively hydrate and protect the skin from drying out, but it can also be used as a skin cleansing method. Cannabis substances are part of the milk and as such cooperate with the endocannabinoid skin system.

Hemp Lotion is onmore suitable for all skin types and can be used as a regenerative product in summer after a long, sunny day.

2. Protective Hemp Oil

If it is in your interest to regularly, actively regenerate your skin, protective hemp oil is recommended. Marijuana oils are able to keep the skin hydrated longer and support the so-called hydrolipid barrier, which is able to protect against external influences such as dust, dirt, allergens and sunlight.

If it is hydrolipidthe barrier is disrupted, the skin is worn slowly but surely at the given points. Fatty acids contained in hemp oils are capableregenerate these sites and maintain active skin protection. It is basically a possible cure and prevention at the same time.

3. Hemp oil soap

The day-to-day bath in the right style is the basis for maintaining the health of our largest body-skin organ. Finding the right soap for your skin can be problematic in certain cases, especially if the scented soaps cause drying or irritation. For those of you who are looking for a gentle soap for everyday use, it is recommended to use hemp soap.

Medical cannabis soap Hanf & Natur it contains no added scents and is made of high quality hemp oil. Ideal for use on sensitive skin.

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