CBD Extracts and Drops - Use, Application, Treatment

  • CBD Extracts and Drops - Use, Application, Treatment
  • The CBD is undoubtedly a "cannabinoid celebrity" of recent years
  • Because of the legality, ease of use, and particularly efficacy for the treatment of many different diseases and diseases, CBD is increasingly of interest to patients
  • Studies and scientific advances on cannabis continue to drive the usability and efficiency of CBD products forward

Natural therapeutic cannabis-based therapies and its very important component, the CBD cannabis, are increasingly available to both the general customer and the patient over time. However, the wave of questions and inquiries is growing with the greater popularity of this medical method. CBD tinctures ? What is the correct dosage of CBD?To treat howdiseases can CBD be used? Can CBD be used preventively? " We will answer these and many other questions today.

First, however, it is necessary to briefly summarize what is actually a therapeutic CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD tinctures and drops- What are they?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural cannabinoid contained in cannabis plants. Even though CBD is just one of many doreviewed, cannabinoids,he has enjoyed more fame in recent years than "classic" THC. Like all other cannabinoids, CBD is capable of interacting and interacting with the human endocannabinoid system.

cbd olej léčba marihuana

As far as possible therapeutic effects are concerned, the studies are in full swing and the number of possible uses of this cannabinoid is increasing. One of the best effectsis, for example, the ability to radically help childrenepilepsy.However, CBD is literally a promiscuous cannabinoid. Promiscuity is meant by the vast diversity and, above all, the ability to interact with the worldvarious cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. As far as possible therapeutic effects are concerned, the studies so far are probably the mere peak of the iceberg.

What diseases can CBD be used for?

As we have already mentioned, the full spectrum of possible curable diseases with CBD is not yet mapped. However, the effort to complete the list of diseases that CBD could have a positive effect on is still growing. Optimistic news about the emerging studies of scholars from around the world can be seen on a daily basis. However, the findings to date have, in particular, a priority from top to bottom:

  • relief from bolesti:

One of the most frequently mentioned studies on the effectiveness of CBD against different types of pain is the research of a known cannabis researche Ethana Russo (2008).His research is a far-reaching and long-term observation of pain sufferers observed since the 1980s to 2007. Based on the data obtained, researchers concluded that CBD is possibleUse it as an effective analgesic that does not cause any negative side effects.

"In addition, the fact that patients have a deeper and better quality of everyday sleep has been a pleasant side effect chronic painespecially important role. "

Also interesting is the ability of CBD to counter acute, chronic, and inflammatory pain. Here we come to arthritis…

  • Treatment of Arthritis Using CBD

Another study, this time from 2016 , observed the efficacy of cannabinoid CBD in mice that were affected by arthritis. Mice were given a CBD gel for 4 consecutive days. As with the above-mentioned study, researchers concluded that a gel made from CBD extract was able to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and the associated pain. There is still a need for further, in-depth clinical studies, but there is already natural hope in the CBD for arthritis sufferers.

  • CBD for relief of chemotherapy side effects

CBD oil is also often used as a complementary treatment strategy for people who are experiencing (most of the time because of cancer) regular chemotherapy. Chemotherapeutic treatment brings with it a number of ailments such as loss of appetite, general nauseady cannabis anti insomnia for better sleep , insomniaand also increased pain.

"Research National Institute for Cancer Cancer Research (NCI)however, it shows that it is possible to contact the CBD medikamentyas an effective choice for managing and eliminating the symptoms of chemotherapy. "

cbd olej léčba konopím

Also interesting are the follow-up studies investigating the effectiveness of CBD oils in conjunction with conventional pharmaceuticals such as prescribed opiates. The interaction of both medicines resulted in more effective opiate action, which could be useful for reducing their dose. A reduction in the opiate dose is borne also reduces the risk  dependence, negative opiate effects and especially risk of overdose.

  • Social and general anxiety

For oral administration CBD tinctures it was during studiesa sharp reduction in feelings of social and general anxiety has also been observed. For example, patients were able to enter a public speech with a much lesser sense of coercion and social anxiety than those who were not given CBD. Further, administration of CBD tinctures by the oral route has also reduced other common conditions, often associated with feelings of anxiety - obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • CBD against insomnia, sleep disorders

As far as the treatment of insomnia with plant CBD is concerned, the results of the existing clinical trials are still quite serious. Some of them even show that in some cases the CBD is able to wake up and promote vigilance. Therefore, sleep problems may also be one of the possible rare, negative effects of CBD taking.

"On the other hand, research has changediňují feelings of calm after appliCBDa few hours before bedtime and a sense of serenity, helping patients get faster and quieter sleep. "

A report is useful for this top of 2016 Research , investigating the efficacy of CBD for the treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic depressive disorder). Patients suffering from PTSD were able to helporally administered CBD (dripping under the tongue) to achieve both a reduction in PTSD symptoms.

CBD Tinctureas a natural remedy

Firstly, it is worth noting that CBD can be brought into the human body in many different ways. For example, you can choose to smoke or vaporize CBD-rich varietiesor eating candy made of hemp butter. However, for now, the most popular way of administering CBD is (especially in patients - cannabis beginners) to administerCBD dripping under the tongue, in the form of a tincture.

CBD cannabis tinctures are made by infusing cannabis flowers or leaves in medical alcohol. There are a number of ways to produce them, you can study the most common ones in the article How to make home made cannabis tincture ". In this way, a very small volume of the tincture can be achieved, but it is highly potent. Thus, a very strong tincture is a person able to get into the system a high volume of cannabinoids while avoiding in particular the combustion method of application - smoking. Frequently sold tinctures are often flavoredy natural essential oils which do not, however, impair the effectiveness of the preparation.

How to administer, apply CBD tinctures?

Because they are CBD tinctureslargely highly concentrated, only a few drops are recommended for most conditions. Of course, it also depends on the specific, percent concentration of the tincture.

Since veIn most cases, just a few drops are enough, CBD drops can easily be combined with meals such as pasta or soup. A popular method is also dripping tea or coffee. However, be careful here - when dripping drops into boiling water, it can destroy some of the active ingredients. For example, combining with evening tea full of soothing chamomile can be an ideal choice to soothe after a busy day and to prepare for a quiet sleep.

However, you do not have to limit yourself to tea and coffee. CBD tinktura you can also enrich your smoothie, hot chocolate well milk shake or even a more solemn cocktail of your choice, with alcohol content.

What is the optimal dose of CBD tincture?

Dosage and Reward QuestionsMeasuring the application of CBD oils for various diseases is one of the most common. Since CBD is not yet an officially recognized, mainstream drug, there are no official tables where optimal dosage can be found.

However, thanks to an unofficial trialusers and previous studies, we have at least some idea of the appropriate individual dosage of hemp oil. In particular, the following must be taken into account:

  • CBD concentration selected oils

  • Weight of the individual

  • Individual individual response to CBD

  • Severity of the condition being treated

Summing up all the above factors, it is clear to us that there will probably be no universal dose of CBD operating equally for all patients. Therefore, a certain period of time is needed when the patient simply tests different doses and measures their effectiveness by hand.

3 steps to find outpersonal, effective dose of CBD

  • 1. Estimate the dose based on your body weight

Of course, as with many other substances, the overall weight of a person depends on it. Of course, people of greater weight will need to reachpositive effect greater dose. The basic measure here is bra CBD for every 4.5 kilos. For example, a person weighing 90 pounds will need to start at 20-30mg, while a person at 68kg will start at 15-25mg.

  • 2. You start with a little and gradually increase

Lets say you have a 68kg friend who claims to take 50mg CBD twice a day, achieving all the desired effects. However, following his advice would not be the most sensible approach. Why? Every individual peopleThe body responds to cannabinoids slightly differently, has a different history of taking different drugs, supplements, and so on. This and many other factors have a profound effect on the individual effect of CBD. Therefore, it is best to estimate the gross required dose by weight and to increase the dose in case of failure.

  • 3. Consultwith a doctor

Even though your doctor may not know much about the effects of CBD, you will not give anything to try. Ask your doctor for advice and take a good picture of how to use CBD tinctures for your own treatment. For more informationon CBD dosing and measuring the right dose of tincture visit last article CBD dosage ".

Possible side effectsf CBD Extracts

Most of the time, CBD oil does not cause any unwanted, unpleasant negative effects. In CBD oils and extract therefore, there is no risk according to the findings to date. However, very rare and not yet fully provable effects may occur:

  • Nausea

  • Sleep problems

  • Frustration, irritability

Concerning the negative symptoms involved in the taking CBD oils or extracts however, it should be borne in mind that they occur very rarely statistically. Moreover, this is a low risk compared to the negative effects of conventional pharmaceutical opiates.

*All information provided in this article is for information only, in no way factual, character. Always act at your discretion.

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