Paranoia and Anxiety (Associated with and Without Marijuana): How to Treat Symptoms?

  • Paranoia and Anxiety (Associated with and Without Marijuana): How to Treat Symptoms?
  • In todays article we look at paranoia - what is it, how is it manifested and why do some of us meet with it
  • The symptoms of paranoia may or may not be directly related to the consumption of medicinal cannabis
  • The symptoms of paranoia are manifested mainly after consumption of cannabis with very high THC content

What is paranoia?

The basic symptoms of paranoia include anxiety bordering on fear associated with the fear of unsubstantiated threat or conspiracy prepared against the person. Paranoia occurs as part of several mental disorders, but is most often part of psychotic disorders. Paranoia can lead to to complete disillusionment when a person is so convinced of his concern that he does not believe in factual evidence refuting their threat theory. Persons suffering fromparanoia is in most cases able to continue in everyday life, but the quality of their experience is, of course, greatly reduced.

Those of you who are interested cannabis varieties where paranoia does not occur according to users, they can skip to the end of the article.

Other typical symptoms of acute paranoia include:

  • Intense irrational distrust

  • Persistence and suspicion

  • Fear, anger or feelings of betrayal

  • Hyper attention

  • Problem pardon and pass over the past

  • Inability to relax

  • Feelings of abuse by others

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Paranoia associated with using cannabis

More than half of the worlds population experiences paranoid feelings in mild to extreme form at least once a month. However, we will only be interested in those who report essential increased symptoms of paranoia during the acute effect of treatmentsabout cannabis . In the vast majority of cases, this type of paranoia changes when the psychoactive effect of THC subsides. But nothing can ruin a relaxing moment more than the feeling that "the background sounders are going for you."

Aso not so much depends on the concrete bothor an individuals experience under the influence cannabis ,since the link between paranoia and cannabis use is a very complicated and diverse issue. If you just occasionally or every time after applying a little medicinal cannabisyou start to suffer from paranoia symptoms, we have good news for you. These symptoms can be effectively fought and with a little effort and implementation of the following techniques you can learn to manage them or even completely eradicate them.

In extIn rare cases, the feelings of paranoia and constant suspicion of the surroundings can only grow into complete belief and the transition to imaginary reality full of concern. In such cases, the person can hardly be convinced otherwise. When to do the whole thing and add eachday cannabis useit is possible that the entire cycle will get worse.

To say that they are paranoia and cannabis use in any case in a very clear connection is very short-sighted. For most of those who experience paranoia symptoms during paranoia, paranoid thoughts occur before application. Dhowever, the person notices them during the THC effect, when they float to the surface and become the center of attention for the mind.

" If you are not sure whether you are experiencing paranoia symptoms, try to describe your feelings to someone close to you. If it turns out that you are the only person who notices the described connections, it is quite possible that you are 'only' paranoid. ”

The connection between marijuana and paranoia

Just the fact that we know what paranoia is and how it manifests itself in our perception can help us get rid of it or at least accept it in an acceptable way. However, if every marijuana experience leads directly to paranoia, it may seem to be a lost situation.

Particularly special in this case is the fact that, despite the clear connection between paranoia and cannabis, patients are turning to this herb just because of anxiety. Suppose, therefore, that the occurrence of paranoid feelings concerns the application of all varieties of cannabis is very short-sighted, especially considering that for the relief of sweatingof cannabis has been used for thousands of years.

"There is no cannabis as a cannabis and simply we cannot judge all varieties for the feelings of paranoia. Rather, it seems that we need to focus on high THC or a range of terpenes ."

Research on paranoid feelings associated with cannabis consumption

In an effort to find the right reason for the frequent occurrence of paranoia across cannabis users, the Oxford University and King's College London in Manchester have embarked on joint research. The specific focus during the study was the THC cannabinoid and its association with paranoia. Thus, researchers found 121 experimental subjects who received 1.5 mg THC. An important addition here is that THC was administered in isolation, i.e. without additional cannabinoids and terpenes. The dose strength was roughly one joint.

Subsequently, each of the participants was tested using several scenarios, during which the investigated subjects were tested in virtual reality, in real social situations, in interviews and also in questionnaires.

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How to deal with paranoia during the effect of marijuana?

Due to the mechanism of action on endocannabinoid receptors in the areas of the brain responsible for managing emotions, T HC is able to induce some special feelings that arise to the surface during the acute effect. If you are one of the users who are experiencing paranoia feelings, then it will help to ask yourself what might have led to such feelings in the first place?

"Cannabis only pulls these feelings to the surface and the best way to 'drive them away' is over themthink, identify, and possibly resolve. "

Anyway, the feeling of paranoia has ever met or even meets each of us. Whether or not paranoia is the result of marijuana use, repeated feelings of anxiety and distrust are neither pleasant nor healthy. To avoid repeating them, we can learn a few simple steps to relieve.

Change varieties of cannabis

Considering that the aforementioned studies identified THC cannabinoid as a perceived paranoia enhancer, then simply and simply changing the used variety can help. Choosing a variety with pure CBD varieties

"During CBD studies, it was found that this cannabinoid directly reduces THC-related adverse effects while inducing mental tranquility and really need, then CBD can be the right choice. ”

Suitable environment (set & settings)

Smoking cannabis is often part of social activities and parties. While the party sometimes offers unforgettable experiences, for some it is also a source for all kinds of anxiety and paranoia. The moment a person mixes cannabis with a whole party, he can only double the problem. If this happens, it is best to change the environment early and go out in the air. With a clean head, one can then return to the party. However, it is advisable to change the environment in a timely manner and at the moment you suspect it might overwhelm you.

"The tactical change of environment during paranoia is generally valid and not just about celebrations and social events. In short, if you feel unwell , do not hesitate to change the environment."

Relaxing music

Sometimes it is best to pull the headphones out, tune in to your favorite playlist or music with which you have a good experience or merry memories and let your mind just run. When relaxing during music, it is good to focus on the rhythm and melody of music, to let the thought processes go and not to participate in them.

Cfresh air

This type is similar to changing the environment and basically everything mentioned above applies. So if you have the opportunity to get some fresh air, do not hesitate to go for a walk or sit in the air. Walking in a piece of nature or park can calm the brain in kind. Dont forget deep and slow breaths and exhalations.

Stay hydrate

a cup of tea is widely regarded as the first aid for calming down in all sorts of situations. Dont forget to put some honey in your tea to give your body some sweet tuning and warming. Dehydration disrupts the ability to think and by itself and to be dehydrated during the paranoid effects of THC certainly doesnt help.

Low THC Cannabis Varieties

1. Medical Mix

If you are interested in testing CBD varieties with different CBD: THC ratios, a Royal Queen Seeds selection package is offered.

Medical Mix includes all 5 of the most popular CBD varieties available under this brand. Specifically:

Royal Highness

  • Royal Medic

  • Dance World

  • Medical Maswith

2. CBD Skunk Haze

On a breeding project, during which a special was created a variation of Skunk associated with legendary Hazehave been famous Dutch Passionwith a newly formed CBD Crew bred.Thanks to their creation, even patients seeking varieties can look into the terra for treatmentthe foam spectrum of Skunk and Haze models that shaped the modern history of cannabis.

3. California Orange

California Orange is not only an old-fashioned classic, it also offers a balanced cannabinoid ratio in some cases suitable for those who want to avoid the overwhelming effect of a large dose of THC often leading to paranoia. In addition, California Orange is a model that, as the name suggests, contains sufficient content of terpene limonene when the proper growing conditions are maintained.

"Terpen limonene not only matureLime or orange-like fragrance lends to hemp flowers, it is also able to counteract depression and anxiety. You can read more about limonen-containing varieties and the studies themselves in the article Titrine High Terpenes limonene (For the treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression) "

4. Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark is a treatment model offering a balanced and accurate ratio between THC and CBD cannabis. In this way, Seed Bank Barney's Farm tried to reach a suitable variety accessible to those who have problems with anxiety or paranoia when consuming cannabis. In addition to the balanced proportions of cannabinoids, however, the user will also find a unique terpene bouquet, in which Barney's Farm Bank will not disappoint.

5. Skunk 11

The last selection we can offer is the dominant Dutch sativa Dutch Passion - Skunk 11. Although it is not a sativa that is very popular among susceptible persons, growers have managed to reduce the THC content to the average and in conjunction with the sativa genes so terpenes make users feel rather relaxed and relaxed.

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