Therapeutic Cannabis and Asthma: Does Marijuana and Cannabioids Help Cough Seizures?

  • Therapeutic Cannabis and Asthma: Does Marijuana and Cannabioids Help Cough Seizures?
  • Of course, smoking cannabis against cough and asthma may seem like a total madness
  • Although there are more gentle ways to administer cannabinoids , several studies to date suggest that cannabis smoking can also help cannabis asthmatics

Alternative "asthma treatment method It seems that, compared to the vast majority, medical cannabis can also help in the case of asthma. Some of the substances found in plants medical marijuana are according to recent studies asthma not only medically effective, in some cases, using cannabis and reverse acute and life-threatening asthma attacks.

Of course, with the idea of marijuana, the vast majority of mind thinks of a picture of a man with a joint in his mouth. Smoking is, of course, closely associated with the negative effects on lung health, and no one would ever think to claim to be the best fit for coughingby "firing a quill".

However, in the case of cannabis, the whole thing is a bit tangled up and it looks like it is for asthmatics in a good way.

Cannabis and asthma in a historical relationship

In articles dealing with the history of cannabis treatment, you could read about, for example, how ancient Egyptians used this plant for asthma treatment for about 1200 years agoed Kristem.

" The application of cannabis against asthma was written by French writer Marcel Proust , who used his herb to treat his own symptoms and called his joints 'anti-asthmatic cigarettes'.

Plus, timescough medicine was used as a doctor before the possession of medicinal cannabis was laid beyond the law. This was done specifically during the 1920s, when doctors recommended cannabis tinctures to patients who suffered from morphine side effects, such as constipation or depression.

However, shortly thereafter, the prohibition of cannabis and hemp drugs broke out. At the same time, the popularity of tobacco, which raised tobacco companies to the pinnacle of financial profitability, exploded. But with the growing popularity of cigarette smoking, the link between smoking and cancer has also been confirmed. Since then, smoking of any kind has been automatically associated with harmful effects on the lungs.

However, recent studies are beginning to re-focus on cannabis smoking and asthma treatment, and it is already clear that the whole thing cannot be explained by the mere slogan "cannabis smoking harms lungs ”.

Asthma: what disease is it and how does it manifest itself?

Asthma is a long-term chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs and airways. The genes of a person often play a major role in the development of asthma. However, there are a number of other factors capable of irritating the bronchi and subsequently triggering an asthma attack.

The most common causes of triggering asthma attacks are:

  • Air pollution

  • Different types of allergens (such as pollen or dust)

  • Demanding physical stress

  • Smoking (especially cigarettes)

  • Respiratory diseases such as colds or flu

  • Certain Drugs (For example, Aspirin)

  • Strong emotions (crying and laughing)

  • Changes in temperature and humidity

All of the above mentioned asthma stimulants can cause obstruction and cramps in sensitive airways. At that moment, typical symptoms begin to appear:

  • Cough (especially morning and night)

  • Shortness of breath

  • Pain and tension in the chest

  • Wheezing 

For each asthma, the frequency of seizures varies to a certain extent and can occur from just a few daily to a few a week. Even though the disease affects people of all ages, it has been most common since early childhood. Interestingly, asthma affects boys more often than girls, but women are more likely to be affected than men if they occur later in life.

Because of the continually deteriorating air quality around the world and especially urban areas , it is no wonder that the frequency of asthma incidence is on the rise. Curveng growth has started to grow exponentially since the early 1960s, and only during the last decade has the number of asthmatics increased by 15%.

"There is no definitive cure for asthma to this day. There are, however, a few adjuvants that can help asthmatics to keep the symptoms at bay."

In the vast majority of cases, asthmatics carry an inhaler, either a preventive or a moderate type. Preventive inhalers are used to generally calm the airways; relieving inhalers for action in the event of an acute asthma attack.

Problems in asthma usually do not occur when patients carefully follow the prescribed medication and do not unnecessarily expose their airways to irritating effects. However, this does not mean that asthma is not an exhausting and quite frustrating condition. In addition, conventional drugs often contain steroids and immunomodulatory drugs substances that often carry different side effects.

"Here we come to possible alternative treatments for asthma. How effective is healing cannabis compared to commonly available pharmaceuticals?"

The first serious observation of the positive effects of cannabis on the course of asthma was during a small research of the year 1975. The study was conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin , who decided to artificially mimic bronchial spasms in eight "clinically stable" asthma patients. under pressure.

Asthma attacks were triggered in patients in two different ways: electric wheel exerciseand inhaling a substance called methacholine . Patients were then given placebo or treatment cannabis of about 2% THC.

As a result of a study of smoking marijuana against artificially induced asthma attacks, placebo subjects had reliefs from 30 to 60 seconds, while those receiving real marijuana with 2% THC experienced relief immediately. Of course, at that time, it was a totally revolutionary finding, especially considering the stigma surrounding cannabis smoking.

"In 1985, a 20-year-old observation of mild cannabis smokers who suffered from asthma was launched. The study found that cannabis users had a marked improvement in their condition compared to cigarette smokers."

Another major study on cannabis and asthma treatment was the 2014 study, in which researchers tested the effects of THC on a total of 88 patients with bronchial tissue samples. Researchers in extracted tissues triggered asthma spasms by electrical stimulation and subsequently tried to calm them with THC and other synthetic cannabinoids .

"During the observation, it was found that particularly cannabinoid THC and its effect on the CB1 receptors capable calm asthmatic spasms and stretch respiratory system. Basically, psychoactive THC acts beneficially required for stretching the bronchi and access of air to the lungs."

herbal medicines for asthmatics

THC is more beneficial than C for lung healthBD?

After decades of research, it seems that the more famous THC molecule in health effects is still leading for the more renowned CBD. CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, and due to its legal availability in most parts of the world it has become quite a popular cannabis.

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