Consumption of cannabis alone and development of psychosis (Study 2019)

  • Is it possible that you grow psychosis alone by smoking cannabis alone? Or is solo use beneficial in depression or loneliness anxiety? Let's take a close look at this issue ...

Use of marijuana and development of psychosis

A new Canadian study brings interesting results about the different impacts of cannabis consumption in a social setting, compared to eating alone.

"Compared to users who have a habit of consuming cannabis in society, more frequent symptoms of psychosis are a sign of lonely consumers. Another negative side symptom of cannabis smoking has been increased chances of developing addiction, using cannabis to cope with mental health problems, and more frequent use in recent years 30 days. "

Indeed, the study itself stated that "the main purpose of the research is to find out to what extent the social context affects the consequences of cannabis use "

We should have negative symptoms, but what about the benefits?

noticethat the main draw of this study is no indication that eating cannabis alone could have at least some benefits. It is also good to mention that Toni Spinella himself (a doctor of psychology and the head of the aforementioned study) is of the opinion that consuming cannabis to cope with one's psyche is fundamentally bad and leads to a dangerous path.

"It is possible that such users lack other important methods to achieve psychological balance," explains Spinella in an interview with CBC. "If you are alone, why are you taking cannabis? You should always ask yourself. You may find something like ok, I'm going to smoke cannabis alone today because I'm sad or stressed out." This is perhaps a good way to think of it as a kind of warning.

OK, what if we compare cannabis use with other balancing methods? Drinking whiskey? Smoking Cigarettes? Dependencies on social media or excessive consumption of unhealthy foods?

Moreover, aren't we dealing with something like that?

Is it possible that I grow psychosis alone?

If we look at the direct question of whether cannabis smoking alone is causing psychosis, let's talkeven a few basic questions first:

  • Is it possible that people suffering from diverse mental illnesses are more prone to cannabis use alone?
  • Is it possible that the same people consume cannabis in an attempt to cure or cope with a given mental disorder?

Of course, the answer to both questions is yes twice.

During your studies, as you may know, it has already confirmed numerous times that hemp is able to relieve the symptoms of depression , stress, PTSD, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Also, is it not meaningful that if you are trying to help yourself with cannabis treatment, you will do it at home and more often than someone who can possibly take twice a month when someone offers a joint at the event?

Don't confuse association with cause

To say that cannabis smoking alone is causing psychosis is simply too short-sighted and even though some associations are found here.

This is also acknowledged by the author of the study. Also, note the heading that was used to discuss the above-mentioned CBC interview: "Cannabis smoking alone is associated with psychosis and addiction, studies suggest"

You see the two termswhich authors have used to attract readers, but at the same time to relieve decisive claims? These are "linked" and "suggest".

Linked basically means that so far there is no evidence that directly cause cannabis psychosis. Rather, someone who is already suffering from psychosis is more prone to cannabis use.

Suggests in turn means that even if there is a link between cannabis and psychosis is a "damning evidence" is certainly not considered.

Therapeutic cannabis as a crutch

Those of you who know "cannabis comedian" Doug Benson may remember one of his good quirks: "Some people say hemp is used as a crutch. Yeah, crutches help people walk."

The author of the study could also remind someone that even if we all want to live in a world where everything will always be in perfect order and no one will have a reason to stress or sad, we will probably not see anything like that in the near future. In the meantime, we could rather learn the healthiest and most effective ways to cope with life difficulties.

Cannabis as a therapeutic

Even though you may be perfectly balanced, yourselfan up-to-date and generally perfect person, during your lifetime something that will cause you trauma, depression, or a certain level of stress. Thats just life.

so whatis there a better way to cope with persistent mental health problems? Soothing powders, drugs or alcohol or mild cannabis consumption aimed at therapeutic methods?

In addition, hemp enough mit also helps to cope with loneliness itself. Loneliness has recently been considered an escalating epidemic that often leads to depression.

Recent studies health insurance company Cigna found out that 47% of Americans often feel alone. In addition, 13% of people answered that no other person knew them closely.

As you can imagine yourself, loneliness over a long period of time can psychologically hurt a person.

Loneliness and isolation: the growing problem of modern society

2010came out a shocking study on the surface, during which it turned out that Chronic loneliness can deprive a person of up to 15 years of life. It is therefore about as unhealthy as smoking twenty cigarettes a day or persistent obesity.

Dhowever, the giant news isthat cannabis can relieve lonely people. This question was answered in a 2013 study in which researchers at Kentucky investigated the effects of cannabis use on people experiencing mental pain caused by social factors.

"Therapeutic cannabis has helped lone individuals in these symptoms: relieved of themselves as being lower, improving mental health and relieving the symptoms of depression. Cannabis has long been considered capable of assisting in physical pain, and now we can see that it is able to reduce mental pain . "

It should be mentioned here that even in this study, scientists pointed to the possible dangers of cannabis consumption. It is also important to realize that coping with psychological problems is not the same as a complete settlement.

Using cannabis alone does not necessarily mean that you are lonely

"A lonely smoker of cannabis in the evenings frees his mind." - Kid Cudi

As we have already mentioned, the author of the study, Toni Spinella, completely ignores the potential beneficial effects of cannabis use as an aid against depression, stress or anxiety. Nihowever, it also ignores the fact that even a normal person can take something of his moments with his cannabis.

A lotrecreational users of cannabis mention not only that marijuana helps them to get to know others better, but also themselves.

As Bob Marley himself said "Cannabis shows you your true self. "

What you may find yourself under the influence of cannabis may not be pleasant. But it is the complex self-awareness that can be the first and most important spark that will spark significant personal growth.

Tips on how to puse cannabis alone in a productive and safe way

Davida Bienenstocka.

  • Before you can use cannabis, decide what to do in the next state and then do it.
  • If you are experiencing stress or depression, you can enjoy cannabis in nature (do not take it until you are in nature).
  • Turn off your phone and set aside any modern technology. Instead, pull out a classic notebook and if you think of something about yourself or the world around you, write down your thoughts.

Kid Cudi, a well-known musician in one of his songs called "Day and Night", described an interesting phenomenon across the jazz musicians - the so-called "woodsheding". Essentially, woodsheding was that one of the musicians closed in his room and practiced the game on the instrument nonstop for several days at a time. Obviously, medicinal cannabis played a role in this practice.

You obviously do not have a few days to close and ignore the world completely.

However, try to find at least one day you spend with yourself and cannabis. Decide in advance what you will do: meditate, read, or learn something new? Choose for yourself, find the right varieties of cannabis and see for yourself if the experience of this type will help you.

  • Články z kategorie research mají pouze infromační charakter. Nemají za cíl vybízet k pěstování ani šíření konopí jako drogy, ale vytvářet osvětu léčebného konopí.