[AUTOFLOWERING SEED 2019] Top autoflowering cannabis varieties

  • [AUTOFLOWERING SEED 2019] Top autoflowering cannabis varieties
  • The best autoflowering varieties of cannabis 2019, you ask? Look no further, today we have a list of five autoflowering varieties of marijuana that meet all the requirements.
  • The 5th autoflowering variety is characterized by EXTREMELY fast growth

Magnum, Quick One, Bubble Kuh and CBD Lemon Potion - The Best of Autoflower Cannabis Varieties

When it comes tor autoflowering modely, often discuss the most favorable characteristics of the variety medicinal cannabis.

What variety to choose and how does the autoflower model choose?

Experienced users are particularly interested in the basic features of autoflowering strains, such as:

  • Mold resistance
  • The highest possible yield of autoflowering variety
  • The rate of maturation of autoflower opoultry

Today, we will try to meet these most frequently asked questions.

Pon a thorough survey of autoflower cannabis models for 2019, experts seem to most often advise the following autoflowering seeds:

Autoflower with the highest THC content - Royal Gorilla Automatic

Royal Gorilla Automatic seed bank seeds Royal Queen Seeds they are a modern mix of absolute classics among autoflowering models.

It is a combination of classic cannabis varieties GorillaxCookies.

Seeds of variety range of therapeutic terpenes and a high THC content exceeding 20% .

In particular, high tolerance patients who are treated, for example, for loss of appetite, insomnia, or chronic pain, find high THC.

2. Autoflowering with mold resistance - Moby Dick Automatic

As Dinafem says: "First-class Sativa fruits in just 75 days", this is Moby Dick Automatic .

Despite the fact that Moby Dick Automatic does not grow up to the majestic heights of the original feminized variety, they are medium-sized plants with excellent resistance.

At the same time, Dinafem mentions that the effect is not a beginner variety.

The heavily cerebral "heady" effect of this model is more suitable for more experienced users and patients fighting, for example, for depression who have a habit of using more frequent CBD and THC dosing.

"However, the real reason why so many of them always appear after the season is his excellent plick. "

Thanks to this feature, the Power Flower model is able to survive even the most unfavorable weather.

3. Autoflower with the highest CBD content - Lemon Potion

But what about those who require a fast-growing autoflower model, but want to avoid the psychoactive effect of THC?

Here, according to the seed bank creators Barney's Farm , the CBD variety of champions: Lemon Potion CBD .

High CBD content is beneficial, especially for:

  • Low psychoactive effect
  • Attention, minimal daze
  • Improving concentration, reducing anxiety and depression
  • Treatment of serious diseases such as epilepsy
  • Highly antioxidant (anti-inflammatory) effect

Genetically, Lemon Potion CBD is 60% indica / 40% sativa.

4. Autoflowering variety with the highest yield - Magnum

Magnum is the masterpiece of seed bank Buddha Seeds.

It is clearly the most popular autoflower cannabis model in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Why is it?

PoisonThe most mentioned reasons for the popularity of the variety Magnum is ability the huge yield and quality of the resulting hemp blossoms.

Even though the true genetic origin of the Magnum autoflowering is unknown, it is speculating in particular about Jack Herer and Haze.

5. The fastest finishing autoflower variety - Quick One

Those who do not catch up and need the fastest-ripening autoflower on the market is an excellent one.

Quick One he was bred using state-of-the-art techniques to mature as quickly as possible without having to change the light period.

GeThe Quick One mix is also very interesting.

Basically it is the original Lowryder genetics associated with Northern Lightsand autoflowering genetics ruderalis.

Quick One they form small but dense and profitable plants. Thus, the short maturation time is not negatively reflected in the resulting quality of cannabis.

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