[VARIETIES] What are the best feminized cannabis seeds for 2019?

  • [VARIETIES] What are the best feminized cannabis seeds for 2019?
  • If you are currently looking for cannabis seeds for 2019 and you cannot choose in a myriad of new kinds of marijuana, then you are right here.

Feminized marijuana species - high yield or strongest THC content?

The 5 cannabis models we present here are the absolute classic among feminized marijuana species.

If you do not want to worry about the modern cannabis models or the choice of seeminglyinfinite amount of carflower strains, then you always have the possibility to touch some of these classics.

The following types of marijuana have been tested for years of customer experience with these seeds.

Opinionsthese cannabis models are largely positive, and it is almost certain that nothing can go wrong with this choice.

Big Bud XXL (Feminized Cannabis Seeds - High Yield)

If you look for the highest yield of ripe cannabis flowers, then check out Big Bud XXL.

Seed BankMinistry of Cannabis this type of marijuana was not called XXL in vain.

This is the dominant Indian that can be confused by its low growth.

However, as the breeders themselves say, "do not be fooled, this model yields truly extreme returns."

THC content is a pleasantly medium-strong variety that is suitable for both experienced users and beginners.

  • Big Bud XXL cannabis seeds are available in our 5-piece range.

Critical Kush (High THC)

Those of you who are not satisfied with mere THC content, have the opportunity to go straight to one of the world's hottest feminized cannabis varieties: Critical Kush .

The legendary seed breeders Barney's Farm have prepared this model as a feminized varietycannabis for demanding.

Not surprisingly, it is once again a dominant indica, which is world famous for its extremely high THC content.

Due to excessive THC , Critical Kush is often used in patients suffering from chronic pain, depression or acute insomnia. It is also suitable for high tolerance cannabis users.

  • Critical Kush seeds are available in our feminized version from Dinafem and Barney's Farm.

DNA Genetics (Special Feminized Cannabis Seeds)

DNA Genetics are cannabis breeders who supply the world with truly exceptional types of feminized marijuana seeds.

The most popular feminized cannabis seeds of World Bank DNA Genetics definitely include:

  • Exodus Kush

  • Cannalope Kush

  • Golden Berry

  • Holy Grail Kush

  • Golden Lemons

  • 24K Gold

All kinds of marijuana can be ordered with us at menue.

It should be noted that the selection of DNA Genetics cannabis varieties is aimed at gourmets and specialists.

Super Skunk (Classic among feminized cannabis seeds)

The real Skunk cannot be omitted when choosing the best feminized seeds.

It is a globally known hybrid among cannabis varieties, famous for its typically "skank" whiff.

Thanks to its highly relaxing effects, the feminized marijuana variety Skunk is popular with recreational users and rest-seeking patients during periods of stress and chronic depression.

The basic varieties of Skunk were brought to market by breeders of the seed bank Sensi Seeds.

One of the most frequently mentioned qualities of the Super Skunk cannabis model is also the high content of limonene terpene, which is also found in citrus fruits, for example.

Limonene has scientifically proven antidepressant effects.

  • Super Skunk seeds are available from us in Nab feminized and autoflowering version of Sensi Seeds.

Wappa (Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Indica)

As you can see, the popularity among feminized cannabis varieties is dominated by Indians.

That is why one of the most popular Indian models in the world is Wappu.

This kind of feminized marijuana boasts Paradise Seeds seed bank.

ATTENTION! The fundamental difference from the above-mentioned indications is the utterly opposite effect.

It is not a cannabis variety that physically soothes, slows down, or sleeps, but the opposite.

The properly grown Wappa cannabis variety encourages the psyche and leaves the user in an energized state.

However, it all depends on the correct dosage, which users have to lay out of course themselves.

  •  Available in our feminized and autoflowering version .

* All information in this article is purely indicative. We are not responsible for the described effects, varietal characteristics and information submitted by Leafly .

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