Kratom and Cannabis (How often to use, contraindications & effects)

  • Kratom and Cannabis (How often to use, contraindications & effects)
  • Patients who are being treated for various kinds of pain or psychological problems often look for both the kratoma and the hemp as possible herbal aids.
  • But what are the differences between cannabis and kratom? Is kratom safe? You will find out here

Kratom Vs Cannabis (therapeutic effects)

Its effects on the human body are due to plant alkaloids.

Alkaloids from the kratoma (7-hydroxymitragynin and mitragynin) in the brain attenuate signals coming from certain receptors that care for the perception of pain.

RunningIf a relatively small dose is used, patients may experience significant pain reduction as early as one hour after administration.

THC is in certain cases (as well as kratom) to reduce the susceptibility of pain control receptors.

The effective dose of kratoma should produce the following effects:

  • Reducing Anxiety Feelings
  • Improving productivity
  • Improving concentration
  • Sedative Feelings
  • Pain reduction

Onset the effects of kratoma occur within about an hour of being ingested.

There is a noticeable difference from cannabis here, as the patients marijuana effects can already be 5 minutes from the moment of application.

Thus, cannabis can be used better against pain if the effects of fast onset are needed.

Kratom or cannabis against pain?

Both herbs are able to intervene against different types of pain, but each is a little different.

In particular, the choice of the correct variety and dose depends on the kratoma.

NejčMore often, the recommended type of kratoma pain reliever is red vein color varieties, for example red vein Bali.

Hemp is also well known for its painkillers.

However, con high THC opium, affecting user attention and psychoactive effect.

Lso to say that kratom can be used against pain when the patient wants to stay functional and attentive, while hemp is suitable for moments where you can enjoy peace and relaxation.

TOcombining cannabis and kratoma: effects, hazards and risks

At the same time use with konopím you do not endanger life or harm health.

However, it is a good idea to follow a few basic principles to avoid possible nausea or irritation.

In online forums, where long-term users of both drugs discuss their experiences, there is often a rule called KFC (kratom, food and cannabis).

In a short explanation, this means that the best method is, according to experienced users, to first use kratom, then lightly simmer and finally use medicinal cannabis.

If this sequence is followed, headaches or overwhelming feelings may be avoided, which may or may not occur.

How often to use kratom

In the case of kratoma it is necessary to warn against the risk of developing habits, even though it is minimal.

Daily application of kratoma is recommended only to patients who are struggling with chronic pain, where the daily need to reduce pain is understandable.

As with any other drug (hemp, coffee or tobacco, including) , the daily application of kratoma pit will create a habit that may or may not be difficult to break.

Kratom and alcohol

It is not recommended to use kratom and alcohol at the same time.

ANDAlthough some users report pleasant effects when using one to two alcoholic beverages, kratom can greatly enhance the effects of alcohol.

Most users are kratohe agrees that alcohol effects are undesirable during kratoma effects.

Often mention is also made of absolute distaste for alcohol.

Kratom Side Effects & Risks

Studies on side effects and risks of kratoma use are still inaccurate and incomplete.

Determinehowever, the negative consequences of long-term use of kratoma have already been reported.

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Tremor of limbs
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sleep problems

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