The newly opened British Starbuds shop offers CBD coffee and desserts

  • The newly opened British Starbuds shop offers CBD coffee and desserts

Starbuds, a "cannabis" cafe in Sheffield, was recently launched. It offers coffee, cakes and other meals containing CBD.
The main reason for the establishment of this shop was the personal experience with the beneficial effects of CBD himself co-founder Mr. Ricky Chu.

Personal positive experience with CBD

,, Together with a friend of mine, we started to have health and well-being problems, so we decided to set up a CBD store. At that time, I was in extreme stress and caused a tic like Tourette's syndrome that I could not get rid of, ”said Mr. Chu.

“I started taking prescription drugs to dampen it a little, but nothing worked, so I tried CBD oil. Within ten or twenty minutes, all the twitches were gone and never returned. ”

“I went into research and met a lot of people. I have heard a lot of people's stories about how cannabis oil helped them. Most of them ended up taking ten to fifteen pills and replaced them with a few drops of oil. That's just amazing. ”

Hemp cafe of the future

Mr. Chu added, "We hope that people's access to cannabis will change and we know that much more research is needed - in short, this product must be available in supermarkets."

“People have been using medicines that don't help them for years - I know about a person who has had lupus and has never found relief in any of the prescription creams. He then bought 800mg of oil to wipe off the affected skin areas and make lupus disappear. ”

"I hope we will be in the same position as Canada and America now in five years, and stores like ours will be taken as normal."

Offer CBD products

Starbuds Store has many CBD products, such as toothpastes, creams, CBD oils, and oil filled sweets. All products are part of their own CBD series called “How”.

In addition to coffee and snacks, you can also buy eight different flavors of medical CBD plants. These are non-psychoactive plants that can be used for medical purposes. They offer tropicana, blackberry, blue dragon, cheese, strawberry, amnesia, grape and white widow. For all of them, the CBD content ranges from 10.5% to 14.9%.

You can find the Starbuds store at:



Starbuds Cannabis Coffee Shop

111 Chesterfield Road


S8 0RN

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