GreenLight is fighting to promote therapeutic cannabis in Europe

  • GreenLight is fighting to promote therapeutic cannabis in Europe

In 2014, the Irish biopharmaceutical company GreenLight Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established to develop safe and effective herbal medicines. GreenLight specializes in phytocannabinoid research.

The company is headquartered in Dublin, but recently set up another headquarters, specifically in Britain. Their next goal is to increase the availability of medical cannabis across Europe.

The 'medical cannabis' (cannabis-based medical products (CBMP)) includes a wide range of products containing active compounds (primarily THC and CBD). These can be produced chemically, derived from the plant, but can also be obtained in other ways.

Clinical evidence of therapeutic cannabis use

Evidence regarding the use of therapeutic cannabis and its efficacy is based on controlled tests. The most important evidence comes from tests that focused on multiple sclerosis, pain and epilepsy.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
People with multiple sclerosis receiving doses of nabiximol (sativex) as an adjunct to treatment, confirm that they have seen a reduction in muscle tension.

Chronic pain
Chronic pain, including neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain, is the main reason why people opt for therapeutic cannabis. One study confirms that test subjects experienced a 30% reduction in pain.

So far, the largest CBD research has involved 261 people with epilepsy. The average age was 11 years. After three months of combination therapy (CBD + conventional drugs), the seizure frequency decreased by 45%.

GreenLight is currently focusing on eight therapeutic researches in the following areas:

- Neurological problems including Alzheimer's disease, addiction and pain
- inflammatory diseases including arthritis, arthritis-related depression, visual disturbances and diabetes
- cancer, including prostate

Author of the article: David Gibson, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer), GreenLight
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