Absorption of CBD: is CBD oil without a future?

  • Absorption of CBD: is CBD oil without a future?

Every time you use CBD oil, we lose about 90-95% of the CBD content because the body cannot absorb it. Is it possible to discover a not-so-lossy way of oil administration? How long would it take to find a better solution?

We all know very well that oil and water will never come together, no matter how hard we try. Therefore, we should not be surprised that if we use CBD oil internally, the body does not absorb it so easily, since it is made up of 65-70% water. What many people do not realize is how poorly the oil is absorbed. Unbelievable 80-95% oil will never be used by the body.

Our bodies absorb fatty compounds by wrapping them with a special molecule. This molecule has "fat-loving" endings (lipophilic) on one side and "water-loving" endings (hydrophilic) on the other. This combination helps to "hide" the CBD so that it can be solubilized in water and pass through the membrane into the bloodstream.

The body needs time and energy to create these micelles. While the body works to encapsulate and absorb CBD oil and other fat compounds, CBD is destroyed by gastric juice and enzymes in the liver.

MyCell Inside ™ technology

Swiss PharmaCan's patented technology uses imitations of these micelles. Thanks to them, CBD products created by this technology are ready for the body to absorb them almost immediately. CBD stored in MyCells can easily pass through a mucous membrane that is composed of 90-95% water, enter the bloodstream and arrive at the right place.

CBD products that use MyCell Inside technology offer high efficiency, speed and bioavailability of CBD.

Some benefits of this technology:

- fast and almost 100% absorption
- very stable in a crisis environment
- maintains stability even at very low concentrations
- vials last for 24-36 months + (when stored in a dark place at room temperature)

Article by: Robert Leidelmeijer (Swiss PharmaCan)
Source of article: healtheurope.eu

Photo source: pixabay.com (by A_Different_Perspective)