Cannabis can fight stress, anxiety and depression, says a new study

  • Cannabis can fight stress, anxiety and depression, says a new study

A study by Washington State University (WSU) examined how cannabis fights stress, anxiety and depression. Various varieties and different amounts of cannabis were used for this research, which patients inhaled in the comfort of their homes.

Work published in the Journal of Affective Disorders confirms that inhaling cannabis can significantly reduce short-term depression, anxiety and stress. Over time, however, unpleasant feelings and thoughts that may lead to depression may appear.

Current research is not sufficient

The previous study only covered THC-containing varieties, which were administered in the form of capsules, while this concentrates directly on inhalation.

Carrie Cuttler, a lecturer in psychology at Washington State University and head of the study, says, "Available research on the effects of cannabis on depression, anxiety and stress is very rare and unprecedented. The one that was made with THC capsules was absolutely exclusive. ”

"Our study is unusual because we focused on medical cannabis users who inhaled it in the comfort of their homes, not in the labs as usual."

Mrs Cuttler adds, “Many users live that the more THC cannabis is, the better. Our study demonstrates that CBD is also a very important component of cannabis and can enhance some of the positive effects of THC. ”

Cannabis struggles with stress, anxiety and depression

The study compares different varieties with different amounts of THC and CBD to see if there is any difference between them and how they work together.

Research on effects on depression has shown that the interaction between THC and CBD is very significant. Large decreases have been reported in people suffering from depression when using cannabis with relatively low THC and high CBD. The results of cannabis and anxiety testing were completely different. There was no significant association between CBD and THC and neither alone did they cause any changes that would affect the induction of anxiety.

Research on combating stress has shown that the link between CBD and THC plays a major role here. When using cannabis with both high THC and CBD, stress was greatly reduced. At doses with high THC / low CBD, low THC / high CBD, or low THC / low CBD, there were no changes to this health problem.

Like many other studies, it is supervised by the WSU to comply with national legislation.

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