Cannabis flavonoid for the treatment of pancreatic cancer?

  • Cannabis flavonoid for the treatment of pancreatic cancer?

The study was undertaken by a scientific team with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. They focused on the effect of FBL-03G (flavonoid derived from cannabis sativa L.) on tumor development. The entire research was carried out on experimental animals.

Thus, they demonstrated therapeutic effects in both local and metastatic tumor development in pancreatic cancer animals.

What is hemp flavonoid?

Flavonoids are the second metabolites found in plants, fungi and fungi. Those found only in cannabis are called "cannabis". These substances give the plant a color that attracts pollinators, cooperates with terpenes in the production of flavors and protects the plant from pests and diseases.

Flavonoids are still very unexplored, but thanks to the maturity of science we can already dive into them. Many recent studies on flavonoids have confirmed that these substances offer many pharmacological benefits. Especially those contained in cannabis.

Therapeutic effects

A study published in Frontiers in Oncology suggests that repeated animal experiments have increased the chances of survival with pancreatic cancer.

The study states: “Studies currently underway focus on the specific mechanism of immunotherapeutic potential of this cannabis derivative. There is a very high chance that the use of this therapy could cure metastasis or increase the chance of survival. Many people with pancreatic cancer suffer from metastatic disease, where treatment is very limited. ”

"The results particularly relate to the potential for using non-cannabinoids, non-psychoactive cannabis extracts, in the treatment of these problems."

"The results regarding FBL-03G reveal a new potential non-cannabionide derivative from cannabis, which should be considered in subsequent research on the treatment of pancreatic cancer. New treatment options are necessary in this case. ”

Suppression of tumor growth in other parts of the body

The team of scientists was surprised by the unusual discoveries that cannabis flavonoids suppress the development of tumors in other parts of the body where cancer has spread. During the experiment, continuous delivery of a derivative of FBL-03G was administered via radar therapy. By this procedure, the growth of both local and untreated tumors with or without irradiation was suppressed.

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