GCI Europe: eine exclusive Veranstaltung für Medizinisches Cannabis

  • GCI Europe: eine exclusive Veranstaltung für Medizinisches Cannabis

With the growing development of medical cannabis in Europe, infrastructure and regulation around cannabis is constantly evolving. This event aims to help all stakeholders understand the current and future regulatory, political, health and cultural conditions of the eight key countries. Patients using cannabis will speak at this event.

Meet companies that think ahead

During the two days of the festival, participants will be able to learn about global breakthroughs in healthcare, discover product strategies, meet policy makers, discuss optimization techniques, learn about regulations and explore the latest technical gadgets that underlie for the development of our industry.

GCI offers the opportunity to meet the world's leading companies that go with the times and think of the future. Thanks to their unusual attitude, you can establish relationships with people who are on the same wave as you.

What can you expect?

Two conferences and three streams will focus on:

- Health, research and science
- business strategy
- cultivation of hemp
- key cannabis economies in Europe
- additional needs and services

Leaders attending this event:

- Members of Parliament David Lammy, Norman Lamb and Crispin Blunt
- Baroness of the House of Lords
- Molly Meacherprofesor of Volcani Center Hinanit Koltai
- Anne Katrin Schlag
- Professor Roger Pertwee of the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen
- Carly Barton of Carly’s Amnesty
  and many others...

When? 13 - 14 November 2019

Where? Haberdasher’s Hall, London

Do you want to participate? For more information, visit the official GCI Europe 2019 website.

Article Source: healtheuropa.eu
Source of photos: pixabay.com (by ia 김, Ria Sopala)