The use of cannabis oil reduces seizures in children

  • The use of cannabis oil reduces seizures in children

Scientists at the University of Saxony-Chechen have reported that cannabis oil could reduce or stop seizures according to preliminary results. These are results for children suffering from severe drug-resistant epilepsy.

Study details

The study, sponsored by the Jim Pattison Children 's Hospital Foundation, looked at seven children with severe epilepsy. It is a very debilitating form, accompanied by up to 1,200 seizures per month. Dr. Richard Huntsman, a pediatric neurologist and co-author of the study, said the results are still in their infancy, but are still very encouraging. The overall seizure reduction was on average 75% successful.

During the study, children were given common medications along with cannabis oil. None of the participants received placebo.

The dose of cannabis extract was increased every month for six months.

“Some may say that it is not right that we did not give a 100% dose of cannabis. It should be borne in mind that these are children who have already undergone many unsuccessful treatments. In this case, the probability of achieving a good result with another drug is very low, ”explains Huntsman.

Three out of seven seizures disappeared completely.

Obstacles to using hemp oil

The main obstacle to the study was the concern that the cannabis-based drug would "collapse" children.

However, the drug used contained 95% cannabidiol (CBD) and 5% THC. CBD is obtained from a cannabis plant but does not return to a hung state. However, THC may be intoxicating.

"We have a chance to prove that the THC content remained low even at the highest doses we used in this study," said Huntsman.

“It should be noted that these are preliminary data that only affected the seven patients involved. But we can prove that concerns about THC may not be so hot. ”

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