Does CBD Help Migraine?

  • Does CBD Help Migraine?

It is estimated that more than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from migraine. New research shows how CBD can help.


Every 5th woman, every 16th man and every 11th child suffer from migraine. Unlike ibuprofen and other pain relief drugs, there is no chance of liver damage when taking CBD. It is believed that CBD infiltrates the brain and prevents the body from metabolizing the chemical associated with pain regulation that causes migraine.

The use of CBD may also have side effects. These include dry mouth, diarrhea, decreased appetite, drowsiness or fatigue.

Dr. Stephen Silberstein, director of the Headache Center at Philadelphia University Hospital, recently published a book that outlined the benefits and risks of CBD and THC for those suffering from migraine. He says that if you have a lot of sore throat, it is advisable to use CBD oil. It can even prevent nausea and vomiting. These conditions are often associated with migraine.

Dr. Silberstein also notes that while CBD and medical marijuana are not yet legal everywhere, the patient should consult their doctor first.


A study from the University of Colorado has shown that the frequency of migraines in cannabis patients has decreased the frequency of migraines per month by almost half. A 2018 study found that migraine patients felt better when they used CBD oil in conjunction with ibuprofen or another headache medicine.

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