Cannabis for pets: summary, study, pluses, risks

  • Cannabis for pets: summary, study, pluses, risks

Many dogs give their pets CBD for pain relief and anxiety. Very often used in the fight against arthritis or as a calming agent, for example, in fireworks.

A 2016 study says: Less than 60 files focus on cannabis use in dogs and almost all confirm that the effect was toxic. In the brain of dogs, unlike humans, there are more cannabinoid receptors and therefore may be more susceptible to poisoning. In Colorado, they examined two dogs given biscuits with butter containing concentrated THC. They both died.

But does this mean that cannabis is harmful to pets?

CBD dog oil is not new on the market. According to all information, it should relieve pain or alleviate anxiety and seizures. Unfortunately, it is not as explored as in humans, so it is not certain that it really works the way we think it is.

“Does it really relieve pain or just cause them to be unaware of the health problem? We're not sure. But what we know is that they are less reactive to low pain, such as arthritis, when ingested, ”explains veterinarian Mark Verdino.

The vet himself has personal experience using CBD oil on his own pet. ,, Dogs see very dark in the dark. As soon as I turn off, my dog ​​becomes scared. After ingesting CBD oil, it relaxes and falls asleep quietly. ”

“But the question is whether it really helps him with anxiety or just puts it to sleep. Whatever it is, it helps, ”concludes Mr. Verdino.

Can CBD be dangerous?

We don't know the answer to this question right now. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved the use of CBD in dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to start on small doses and watch how the dog reacts.

,, It is necessary to use veterinary supplements that are intended for dogs. Human CBD products may contain substances that are toxic to the animals and would only harm them. ”

"In many countries, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe or recommend cannabis products."

Health benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Prevention of arthritis

CBD abounds with anti-inflammatory equipment that helps relieve swelling that leads to arthritis.

Reduction of seizure risk

CBD has been confirmed to reduce the frequency of seizures.

Helping fight cancer

CBD has a positive effect on cancer-related symptoms. It fights tumor growth while strengthening cells.

Increases appetite

In various health problems, dogs can lose their appetite and cause other problems.

Reduces anxiety

CBD contains compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system and deliver a soothing effect.

Dogs absorb CBD differently than humans

A study conducted in 1988 found that dogs absorbed CBD very poorly and almost did not help. However, in recent years, many other studies have been conducted in which dogs have responded more than well. For many scientists this was surprising. The main reason for different absorption is primarily the form in which CBD is administered. The form of gelatin or powder is the hardest to absorb, while oil or lipid is the best choice.

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