Cannabis Use by Athletes (STUDY 2019)

  • Cannabis Use by Athletes (STUDY 2019)

Cannabis use in athletes of different ages has not been sufficiently investigated. The new study focuses on this issue.

Extract from the study

The use of cannabis in athletes has not been fully investigated and analyzed. The studies available focus primarily on the issue of use, as cannabis is still among the banned substances.

The patterns of use, reasons for use, as well as the results of cannabis consumption have not yet been sufficiently studied in adult athletes.

A survey by The Athlete PEACE focused on this issue. Social networks and e-mail communication were used to obtain the necessary information.

Of the 1,274 athletes, 1,161 (91.1%) responded to the questionnaire.

The questionnaire used two questions, which divided all respondents into two camps. The questions used were “Did you take marijuana (containing THC and / or CBD) in the last two weeks?” And “Why are you taking THC, CBD, or both?”. In addition, cannabis benefits and side effects have been added to these issues.

26% (302) of athletes are currently using cannabis. The so-called “cluster analysis” (also cluster analysis) was used. This analysis identifies three phenotypes of cannabis users: 1) older athletes who primarily use therapeutic CBD, 2) athletes of different ages who use cannabis recreationally with both THC and CBD content, and 3) athletes of different ages who use cannabis for the longest containing both THC and CBD. In addition, the effects of cannabis have been divided: 1) very good, 2) quiet and 3) unfavorable.

Athletes using the combination of THC and CBD have achieved the best effects and minimal side effects.

Key words: therapeutic cannabis, athletes, athletes, sport

Authors: Joanna S. Zeiger, William S. Silvers, Edward M. Fleegler, Robert S. Zeiger. You can read more of this study here:

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