CBD is a substance with a significant sedative effect. In contrast to THC and other cannabioids, CBD does not have a euphoric effect. CBD has significant therapeutic effects. Cannabis products do not contain a prohibited amount of THC, but the active ingredient CBD (cannabidiol). Administration in the form of an extract, for example oil or capsules, is most effective.

In the range of cannabis extracts you can choose between the medicinal products CBD and now also CBG. According to previous studies, both CBD and CBG have different beneficial effects on the human body.

Medical CBD (cannabidiol) is a legal substance obtained from organic cannabis plants. CBD is a very popular dietary supplement. Using CBD does not decrease human alertness. However, due to its effect on the endocannabinoid system of the human body, there are healing effects.

According to the results of studies in recent years, the healing effects of CBD can be used, for example, against insomnia, as pain relief (for example in arthritis), to reduce anxiety or as a natural antioxidant. CBD is even used by cancer patients suffering from the nasty side effects of chemotherapy.

CBG is another legal substance in cannabis that patients can use without fear of affecting alertness or sobriety. So far, studies have shown in particular the beneficial effects of CBG against inflammatory bowel disease, as a prevention of cancer cell growth in certain types of cancer, in the treatment of staphylococci, bladder problems and also as an aid in anorexia.

All of the CBD oils, capsules and extracts we offer are obtained through CO2 extraction. In this way, a real and complete extract of hemp phytocannabinoids, which also includes plant terpenes, phenols and flavonoids, is obtained. The products are certified and registered under the trademark of Deep Nature Project GmbH. 

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