What does feminized seeds mean?

Cannabis seeds with altered genetic structure. 99% probability of female plant (marijuana).

benefits : female guarantee

disadvantages : unsuitable for making your own seeds and breeding

One of the greatest agricultural achievements in the cultivation of dioecious plants is the emergence of feminized seeds . This cannabis seed has been developed so that the grower does not have to recognize male plants from females and thus facilitates his work. Indeed, male cannabis plants secrete pollen to pollinate female plants. Feminized hemp seeds are made from selected female plants that have been subjected to temperature fluctuations . They cause plants to form male flowers. Pollen out these withThe feline flowers are then collected and used to pollinate existing female flowers to ensure the production of seeds that do not contain male chromosomes. Without male chromosomes, only feminine plants with a very small percentage of hermaphrodites grow out of feminized seeds.

However, both male and female flowers are important in cannabis cultivation. However, in these seeds, the incidence of male plants is significantly lower than that of conventional standardized cannabis seeds.

In breeding, the initial ratio of female plants to hermaphrodites was about 80%, a still better result than female and male plants in conventional hemp seeds , where the ratio is about 50:50.

There have been many significant improvements over the last ten years. Cannabis seed growers have done everything possible to remove male plants from the seeds, giving 99% confidence that they will only get female plants. So significantlyE; the possibility of a male plant emerging.

Making feminized cannabis seeds is a fairly simple matter. Just use some varieties, however, perfecting the plant breeding technique is a bit more complicated, and it can take many years to achieve high enough success. It is generally known that technical hemp has no varieties and that it is feminized because of genetics. Unfortunately, too many hermaphrodites are formed by crossing with this variety. It is therefore totally inappropriate to cross. More about the process of feminization .

White Widow is a variety that has become one of the first bred and affordable feminized seeds . It produces a very low percentage of plants - hermaphrodites and remains very popular today. However, cannabis growers know wellthat excessive environmental loads can cause the appearance of male flowers at the expense of females grown from feminized cannabis seeds. The best way to avoid this is to maintain a stable environment in which the plants are.