What does and utoflower seeds mean?

Autoflowering , called autoflowering seeds grow very quickly and with minimal effort. These varieties reach the flower in about 8 weeks after germination . Some growers specialize in growing fast-flowering seeds, eg Easy Bud . These special seeds of autoflowering plants are ripe on the 56th day after seed germination . Growth takes only 7 weeks. The plants are characterized by a pleasant scent and high growth.

Autoflower varieties are best grown in a half liter pot. Seeds of autoflowering varieties are placed in containers until they are germinated (but can also be planted directly).

For autoflowering seeds, this cultivation process is used in the Netherlands: in our experience, it is best to soakseeds first for 48 hours in water at room temperature. After this time, the white sprouts emerging from the seed should be visible. Now the sprouted seeds need to be transferred to a warm but dark place, where it will be again about 48 hours. You should then see the growing roots. Carefully move sprouted seeds into pots spilled with pearlite or fine earth. Our experience has shown that if you lightly soak the soil and cover it with a transparent foil, you will speed up the slightly emerging sprouted seeds. Pierce the film carefully in several places. Try to keep the seeds moist (dew), but do not use too much water, because excessive waterlogging reduces root growth. If the plants have sufficient roots (4 - 5 cm), they can be transplanted into a larger sized container. In the next 6 - 8 weeks it will be necessary to monitor and fertilize them as needed. Average flowering time for autofloweringplants is 8 weeks old.