What does regular seeds mean?

Regular or standardized seeds are untreated but bred hemp seeds. The probability of a female plant (marijuana) is about 50%.

Advantages: best genetics, higher yield, possibility of breeding and creation of new seeds

disadvantages: female probability to male about 50/50


Cannabis seeds are found in the so-called standardized form - ie without further breeding modifications. Regular seeds were widely marketed until 2009, after the arrival of feminists their meaning went down a lot. Standardized are seeds that do not have modified hormones to only grow a female plant. So it is purely a matter of nature whether a male or female cannabis grows. Regular seeds are especially widespread among experienced growers, but also among people with limited budgets. The likelihood of a female plant is still higher, so grower can make a lot of money to buy 10 regular seeds. Even with a minimum of probability a few female plants are almost always guaranteed.