What does outdoor cultivation mean?

Grown outdoors. Hemp models suitable for our climatic conditions out.

For many cultivation enthusiasts, spring is the most loving season of the year, as it is the season of outdoor plant growing . There is a large selection of outdoor plants that are suitable for any climate around the world. In particular, Cannabis sativa , which grows up to 180 cm in height, thrives outdoors. Indica is grown on balconies in Holland because it does not reach such a height.

Growing outdoors is the most gentle for the plant because of the exteriorconditions are most natural for plants, especially in terms of delivering more light. There is no need to deal with light leakage, electricity bills, light and dark rotation… Sunlight provides many other benefits. Unlike indoor cultivation , the lower part of plants is almost as fully developed as the upper part. However, in outdoor conditions, there is a lot of danger to plants in the form of rodents, animals, weather conditions (thunderstorms, wind, hail,…) For this reason, it is preferable to plant plants in portable containers or in a greenhouse. It is important to build a sufficiently high fence and visit the site at least once every two weeks, and more often if possible, because the plants should also be watered regularly. If you don't have a greenhouse, don't plant plantshydroponically due to the risk of evaporation. When looking for a suitable place for a greenhouse, it is important to keep track of where the sun shines the longest and most.
Ideally, the positions are in the morning between 4 and 10 hours, ideally 5 - 8 hours . The estimation is really very challenging if you live north of 30 ° latitude south because the days are extremely short.
Most of the light is not surprisingly obtained on the south and southwest slopes . Free areas on the north side of the slope with good southern exposure are preferred. Some books say that plants respond better to the morning sun than to the afternoon, so if you can choose between the two, the morning sun will surely be better. If you decide to build a plant shelter, focus on greenhouses , sheds or similar structures. Inside, walls should be painted white or silvery , which does not absorbvetlo.

When transplanting plants into the exterior (garden), dig a very deep pit. This allows you to grow much higher plants. If the plant is very far below the fence level, it may look much smaller in the harvest season than it really is. Roots in the ground should always be protected by a container in which the root pack is stored. Thus, the plant will never be fully bound by the roots in the soil. Plants grown outside the container, ie freely in the garden, are much more exuberant, but they cannot be moved! So, for outdoor cultivation, it is really more practical to place in pots because of easy transport, because it is easier to hide plants in the event of an unexpected visit (repairer, appraiser) or event (fire, hail, etc.).

Outdoor marijuana seeds from the menu are not intended for growing purposes. Cannabis seeds serve solely as a souvenir for collecting purposes. In principle, we do not recommend growing cannabis from the seeds offered because of the possible violationof the valid laws of the Czech Republic.