What does sativa mean?

Hemp - cannabis sativa. It forms a taller but thinner plant, about 1.5 meters high but can be up to 3 meters high. It has a strong THC content and has a more stimulating effect.

Hemp, cannabis sativa, is just the opposite of Indian hemp, which has much smaller leaves, thicker stems and grows and matures faster. Hemp grows significantly slower than Indian hemp, but is able to reach a height of more than 200 centimeters in a single season. It was originally found in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Hemp is characterized by a lower amount of chlorophyll and pigment (lighter green color) that protects the plant from excessive sunlight. This variety requires more light compared to Indian cannabis. Although hemp germinates and blooms longer, and yield is usually lower than that of konoindian, its THC content is very high. Thai cannabis seed reaches a height exceeding 200 cm and is more suitable for outdoor. The effect of cannabis is often characterized as uplifting and highly energetic. It mainly affects brain activity and gives a sense of optimism. It also provides pain relief. The seeds are packed for packaging purposes. Cannabis cultivation is prohibited under applicable laws of the Czech Republic.