Seed germination

Standardized seed germination procedure

  • use a growing room with a stable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
  • use soil with pH ± 7.0. - the soil should not be too dry or too moist.
  • seed a seed about 5 mm deep into the nutrient medium in the vessel. - After sowing, lightly press the soil to promote sprouting.
  • spray the soil lightly with water. - Cover the container with a transparent foil, or use a plastic greenhouse designed for this purpose to achieve an optimal greenhouse effect.
  • after 1 to 10 days the seed sprouts to the surface. Now remove the plastic film or plastic cover.
  • sprinkle the water regularly with water, and wait until the top layer dries and then sprinkle again.
  • after 1-2 weeks, the seedlings will be strong enough, and then put them in a larger pot.