All cosmetic products in our range are made from organically grown, certified quality hemp. The main active ingredient in cannabis cosmetics is medicinal CBD (cannabidiol). Hemp CBD is an active ingredient in cosmetic products capable of directly acting on endocannabinoid receptors distributed throughout the human body, including the skin. Skin-applied CBD is particularly interesting for customers because of its ability to not only actively protect the skin but also to visibly rejuvenate it.

Skin rejuvenation through CBD applied through the skin was also observed during studies. However, CBD-containing hemp cosmetics are also useful for patients seeking help against diverse skin problems. Typically, cannabidiol cosmetics are sought by people suffering from acne, psoriasis, or eczema. CBD has been shown to be effective in slowing the activity of sebaceous glands in several studies.

In our offer you will find cosmetic products, by means of which the therapeutic effects of CBD can be used in various ways. So you can add CBD to your bath with a variety of hemp oils, use it every day in soap, lubricate locally with ointments, enrich your healthy hair with shampoo, and even soothe your skin with cannabis gels.

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