E-liquids are very special liquids designed exclusively for use with the help of electronic vaporizing cigarettes or vaporizing pens. Other uses of these liquids are strongly discouraged.

Liquids have a very simple but effective composition. They include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and, of course, terpenes, which give them a characteristic aroma. The effectiveness of e-liquids is based on the positive stimulation of the nervous system by the action of effective and fragrant oils (terpenes) . In other words, it is called aromatherapy. Inhalation of e-liquid vapor from the vaporizer pen induces pleasant relaxation, improves mood, can increase productivity or relieve fatigue. It is not uncommon to increase the feeling of happiness and joy. But all this without any psychotropic or hallucinogenic effect.

The big advantage is the absence of nicotine and THC. In our offer you will find only the highest quality CBD e-liquidse-liquids with terpenes and vaporizing pens. You can choose from several flavors of liquids from several first-class brands.

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