Technical hemp (cannabis sativa) - 20 seeds

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Seeds of technical hemp. The only hemp you can grow legally ..

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Cannabis Seeds - Technical Cannabis

100% cannabis sativa

Technical hemp contains only a small amount of THC that is below the legal limit. It can therefore be grown as an important technical plant. Seeds of this cannabis can be grown indoors and outdoors, and all cultivation instructions on the web are covered.

Technical cannabis is a significant well-known plant known for thousands of years. All types of hemp grown today have their roots in this cannabis sativa.

Seeds of technical hemp have many uses. In addition to cultivation, they can also be used for eating. Seeds have a great nutritional value.

Flowering typephotoperiod
Flower lengthlong (10+ weeks)
Genotypemostly sativa
Heighthigh (above 6 ft)
THC contentlow (up to 10%)
Medical usepain