Acapulco cannabis seeds

Acapulco Gold is now legendary variety which has also become a viral model literally across the cannabis community ""hippies"" of the sixties.
The dictionary defines this variety officially as ""special variety of high quality hemp growing wild around the Acapulco ... characterized by brown-gold color, combining the shades of gold and green.

the traditional, indigenous culture Acapulco Gold varieties can be traced back to the mountains and hills of Guerrero mountains in Mexico, where a free-growing species managed to Acapulco excellent.

With proper climate and excellent conditions for ripening of cannabis was founded here, which at that time, all attributed to overwhelming strength, quality and visual impact.

potency Acapulco then reached to a staggering 23%. That made him a uniquely powerful model hemp what you could get. It got to such a point that the official textbook Institute of Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health started the concept, Acapulco Gold used as a generic term for extremely potent marijuana.

Treatment Effects Acapulco Gold

Overall, users Acapulco Gold describe acute effects as euphoric, stimulant and mood in the later stages and relaxation.
What are some of the negative effects are concerned, you may experience dry mouth and dry out the eyes.
This, however, can be prevented by careful dosing and of course adequate hydration.
Patients Acapulco Gold directly to treatment reported achievements in the field of treatment of depression and stress. Energy effect reaps success in patients suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

It is also interesting that genetics Acapulco Gold gave rise later, but equally legendary Skunk model n.1, whose name, as well as Acapulco, began to be used as a general description of quality and strongly aromatic marijuana.

Acapulco cannabis seeds

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