Amnesia marijuana seeds Je zde 8 semen.

Amnesia is a variety of therapeutic cannabis, which for many years enjoyed popularity patients seeking the best that can offer the right genetics sativa.
A common mistake, however, is the impression that in case of Amnesia is absolutely pure sativa.
The truth is, however, little else - it is the dominant Sativa hybrid, which in itself carries with experienced breeders of varieties Skunk genes, Jack Herer and lesser-known Cinderella 99.
therapeutic effects of cannabis variety Amnesia
absolutely the most frequently mentioned disease due to Amnesia after a variety of cannabis patients back is psychological stress.
Amnesia is these types of patients able to provide natural relief from anxiety, mental disorders affecting the proper mood regulation, and the more severe cases of depression.
However, less experienced cannabis users should first clearly identify what is in the variety of psychoactive cannabinoid THC content.
In the model Amnesia is the most mature plants above average THC content, and beginners are therefore always recommended follow safe dose with respect to individual tolerance.
Amnesia: terpene profile varieties
A very important part of the active ingredients in cannabis variety Amnesia form a high content of terpenes limonene interesting.
Limonene is a terpene occuring outside hemp also in various citrus fruit.
However, when combined with limonene cannabinoids cannabis occurs in the human body to the interplay of reactions that are particularly advantageous for patients suffering from anxiety and depression.
therapeutic properties of cannabinoids limonene are currently the subject of numerous studies on synergies between different substances present in hemp and their resultant effects on the human body.

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