Central America marijuana seeds Je zde 5 semen.

Net sativa from Central America, dubbed Rasta, Creepy or
Monte. Offering a THC content of 23% on average, while the CBD is very low.
In addition to a variety of nicknames and boasts many benefits and anti-inflammatory effects

With a wholly sativa effect comes almost immediately. Central American
encourages mind, therefore awakens creativity and is suitable for brainstorming.
helped by the concentration, so it is easier to solve complex tasks.

Central American but also offers the use of some health problems.
already mentioned ability to concentrate may help people who suffer from
attention. Due to the effects of stimulants relieves stress and depression. Regarding
physical "feeling" and his biggest benefits include: pain relief (temporary and
chronic) and relief from arthritis.

The disadvantage, however, are side effects that may include paranoia, panic
seizures or malaise.

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