Chronic marijuana seeds Je zde 2 semen.

Chronic can boast incredible genetic makeup as
created by combining AK-47, Northern Lights and Skunk first totally exceptional
its content CBD. It had ranges from 1% up to an incredible
13%. THC then appears as ten to twenty percent. This is
So absolutely flawless piece.

With the high incidence of CBD offers a wide range of medical uses and is widely
sought by persons who suffer from pain. Indeed can strongly suppress short,
but long-term pain. It also increases the appetite and therefore is suitable for anorexia
caused by chemotherapy or other diseases. The last but equally important
The benefit is that it acts as a powerful sedative.

From the psychological point of view it is very beneficial in disorders of attention.

Since the Chronic quite strong, so for weaker individuals may appear
paranoia or panic attack.

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